How To Declutter And Organise Your Pantry

How To Declutter And Organise Your Pantry

Is your pantry cluttered with condiments, spices, cereal boxes, canned foods, and even the occasional expired item hiding down the back? A messy pantry is a waste of time and money, so we’ve come up with ways to declutter and organise your pantry so you know what you have and everything is at your finger tips.

Remove all expired items: This the very first step in organising your pantry. You should get rid of everything that is past its "use by" date and any foods that are are just stale or dregs. Place the remaining items on your table and dust or wipe your shelves with a damp cloth.

Organise the items by category: Your food items should be arranged by group. As an example, you can arrange it by cans, snacks, boxes of grains, spices, condiments, or spreads. Storing them by group will save you time when cooking or preparing your meals since everything is in place.

Use containers or glass jars: A see-through container or glass jar is a good idea as it lets you see the content quicker. You can store your dry food in them including sugar, flour, cereals, oats, and spices.

Invest in baskets or bins: Food items that aren't suitable for containers or glass jars can often be placed in baskets or bins. You can even label each basket to avoid confusion.

Put your frequently used items at the front: It's a bad idea to put your coffee in a hard to see place if you drink coffee every day. Keep your most used items where they are easy to find and access so you don’t keep messing up the pantry every time you get your coffee.

Buy a lazy susan: A lazy susan is a great kitchen accessory that has many uses to declutter your home. It can be used in your pantry to store small food items. The spinning base provides easy access to everything with just a simple turn.

Get an over-the-door shoe organiser: Think outside the box, and use an over-the-door shoe organiser to store small food items! This is a perfect storage idea if you have a small pantry.

Buy can racks: If you buy canned goods in bulk, purchasing can racks will give your pantry extra space, and will make it look tidier.

By using these simple techniques, you can easily declutter and organise your pantry in a way that is simple for the whole family to maintain.

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