How To Eat Healthy Food On A Budget

Eating healthy food is one of the keys to good health but it can be expensive. Here are some cheap healthy eating tips you can use that will keep both your body and your wallet healthy.

1.Plan your meals

Don’t go to the grocery store without a list in hand. Planning your weekly or fortnightly meals can help you save money since you already know the food items and ingredients you will be needing when you go to the supermarket. This means you can purchase only the things you know you need so little food or money will go to waste.

2. Buy produce that is in season

Produce that is not in season locally is often transported long distances or stored for a long time, making it more expensive and less nutritious. Buy local fruits and vegetables that are in season instead as they are generally cheaper, plus they taste much better. It is also a good idea to buy produce by the bag to save money, rather than buying by the piece. If you have some left over you can just freeze it and incorporate it into your next week’s meal plan.

3. Buy food from bulk bins

You can save money by buying food from bulk bins instead of in packets. You can go to the grocery store and get a teaspoon of dry goods if that is all you need. There are many healthy foods you can get from bulk bins like gluten-free or organic ingredients, dried fruits, oats, nuts, rice, pasta, and spices to name a few. Buying from bulk bins not only saves you money but it’s also friendlier for the environment because there is less packaging.

4. Grow your own herbs and vegetables

Growing herbs and veggies is an easy and satisfying way to save money and get super-fresh food. It's easy if you have a garden but don't think it is limited to people living in houses. You can also grow your own produce if you live in apartments by using hanging pots. Growing your own tomatoes, sprouts, onions, and other delicious crops can provide you with a continuous supply of free fresh food.   

5. Freeze your meat or fruits

Eat healthy food on a budget by buying large quantities of meat and fruits and freezing them for future use. You can put your meat in ziplock bags. Fruits like apple, peaches, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, papaya and cherries to name a few can be frozen. This option is a lot healthier than buying them canned because they don't contain any sweeteners or preservatives.

Healthy eating on a budget is easy if you plan your meals, cook your food at home and make smart choices when you do your grocery shopping. 

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