Top 10 Outdoor Living Ideas

Top 10 Outdoor Living Ideas

1. Add lighting

Get more value out of your outdoor living space by adding high-quality lighting. Lights can add drama or create a softer, cozier glow to complement your landscape and outdoor furniture. You can add lanterns, torches or electric-bulb light strings to create an accent or to achieve the mood you want.

2. Add entertainment elements

The outdoor living space is a popular area to gather together and entertain guests. We can make this part of the house an extension of our indoor space by adding entertainment-ready elements, such as building a fire pit near the lounge area, adding a bar, or even a wireless stereo speaker to liven things up.

3. Add relaxing elements

Other than making it entertainment-ready, you can also incorporate areas where you can chill out and relax. You can add comfortable home decor such as a hammock, a yoga platform, day bed, or a comfy chair in the corner for reading.

4. Add a water feature

Water is a great design element for your outdoor space. It can add a calming ambiance and soothing sounds. You can make a variety of water features including a pool, fish pond or a circulating fountain the focal point of your outdoor area.

5. Add an outdoor kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home so why not extend the ‘heart’ outdoors? The barbecue is usually the centre of an outdoor kitchen but you can cook more than steak and sausages by adding a wood-fired pizza oven! You can also add a refrigerator or a sink if the setup of your house permits. Cooking and eating al fresco is great on a beautiful evening!

6. Add a pergola

Beat the heat by adding this useful and practical feature into your outdoor living space. A pergola can protect your outdoor furniture and outdoor kitchen. It also helps you enjoy the outdoors since it makes you feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Plus, pergolas can now be easily purchased in kit form!

7. Grow ivy on your walls

Consider planting ivy on the walls in your backyard, especially if you have a brick wall. Ivy will help to soften it and make the area feel lush. This also helps to give the area a European style if you’re going for that look.

8. Add a variety of seating options

Don’t limit seating in your outdoor space to just outdoor lounges. You should also add a variety of seating options for your family and friends such as a benches, stools, or deck chairs. You can also add options for kids, just keep in mind not to add so many seats that it looks cluttered.

9. Add an outdoor counter

An outdoor counter extends the inside of your kitchen outside so you can easily pass out food. You can add stools to the counter for additional eating space in your outdoor living area.

10. Add accents to walls

Add accents to the walls in your outdoor space by hanging paintings, masks or sculptures. Hanging plants are also a good decoration!


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