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15 Adult Ways to Decorate in Pink

15 Adult Ways to Decorate in Pink

It's not a secret that at we love pink! There are so many variations of this magnificent colour. The good news is, if you are an adult, and like the colour pink, you can incorporate it into your home decor without turning your home into something out of a fairy tale. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

1: Pink accessories: There are plenty of pink accessories you can get to decorate your home such as a pink vase or pink frames.

2: Mix and Match: As with all colours, there are plenty of shades of pink. Mix and match with colours such as fuchsia, pastel and dark pink to create a uniquely coloured pink room.

3: Pink walls: Depending on the shade of pink this can be a brave move, but pale pinks can have a really calming effect especially in a bathroom, office or bedroom.

4: Pink artwork: Make a pink piece of art the main item in a room.

5: Pink patterns: You can purchase a duvet set, curtains or wallpaper with pink patterns.

6: Pink appliances: The current kitchen trend is to have retro appliances that come in different pastel shades. Pink is one of them.

7: Pink drapes: Spice up a neutral room with some light pink curtains across a large window.

8: Pink flowers: The ultimate pick me up for any room is a lovely bunch of pink flowers such as peonies or roses.

9: A pink neon sign: This celebrity trend has started to catch on, a large pink neon sign in the kitchen, hanging over your bed or in the living room works well.

10: Pink leopard: If you are into the glamour look, you can experiment with pink leopard on bedding, a rug, a chair or a on a pillow.

11: Pink pillows: If you are not ready to go all the way with a pink room, a large pink pillow can be a great way to start.

12: Statement couch: A pink statement couch works really well in a modern space without looking too girly.

13: Pink and Purple: If you want an aromatic atmosphere to your room, a rich hue combining pink and purple is ideal.

14: Pink layering: You can get away with an entirely pink room by layering it with a soft pink colour.

15: Pink and Metallic: Silver or gold give pink a more sophisticated look.

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