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8 Creative Ways to Decorate With Mirrors

8 Creative Ways to Decorate With Mirrors

No matter where you put a mirror, they are a great way to reflect light, open up a room, and make a room appear bigger. Here are 8 decorating ideas for mirrors.

1: Large Freestanding Mirrors

If you are looking for more reflection in your home design, a large mirror will do the trick. Not only does it open up a room by creating the optical illusion of more space, you also get all the mirror space you want.

2: Multiple Mirrors

Most people choose to have one mirror in each room. Another approach to your home decor is to create a display of multiple mirrors along one wall.

3: Mirror Hallway

Mirrors are always going to work well in a small space, covering an entire entry space like a small corridor is one of the many great home ideas.

4: Bathroom Wall Mirror

The majority of bathrooms have a small mirror over the sink. Why be like everyone else? A collection of mirrors above the bath tub makes a unique statement.

5: Mirror Pendants

Mirrors in the home are very functional, but you can always go a little bit further and create a trio of hanging pendant mirrors.

6: Mirror Motif

You can set the stage for your room by mounting a crystal-shaped mirror in your room paired with a mirrored credenza.

7: A Coloured Mirror

Mirrors are rarely used to help with the color palette, but with a little creativity and the right frame, they can do just that. You can paint the frame on your mirror to match the colour theme in your room. You don’t just have to stick with one colour, especially if it’s a large frame you can add two or maybe three different colours to the mirror.

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