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Choosing The Right White Paint For Your Home

Choosing The Right White Paint For Your Home

White is a popular choice of colour for many people wanting to decorate their home. However, white comes in many shades and making that choice can often be a difficult one. There are many challenges when it comes to home design and selecting the right shade of white. The assumption is that white is white, but this is definitely not the case. Whites can be too bright, too dull or too harsh. They come with a range of undertones that can make or break a room in your home. A white room is simple but classy, and many people appreciate this fact. Here are some tips to assist you in choosing the right home design and shade of white paint for your home.

Cool white

If you want to create a homogenous, serene space, cool white walls with white window treatments and furniture is the perfect choice. Pure, cool whites look great in contemporary spaces because they provide an atmosphere of newness.

Antique white

If you are decorating a traditional space, antique white will make the room feel as if it has been lived in. It also works exceptionally well in dining areas because antique white resembles the colour of vanilla which is associated with food.

Warm white

If you want to create an organic feel white with a khaki undertone is perfect for your home design. Such colours are very welcoming and warm.

Grey white

A sharp greyish white wall colour will always make a svelte museum-like setting for vivid accent hues and artwork.

Snow white

This is another white that works well in a contemporary space; it creates a sophisticated harmonious look for your home design.

Soft white

When white and black are paired together it creates an Art Deco elegant feel. Even with the extreme contrast, this look still provides a blank canvass for adding a variety of colours.

Creamy white

If you want to create a relaxing haven in your bedroom, a combination of whites is ideal. Creamy white walls combined with ivory-coloured bedding and crisp white curtains will create the right environment.

Ivory white

White cabinets in a kitchen is a desired look, but there is also the danger that the space can appear too cold. This is where ivory white comes into the picture. It doesn’t have to be an obvious ivory, but a slight undertone works really well. You can also add some warmth to your kitchen by adding clear halogen lights and wooden flooring.

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