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Green Thumb Guide: 7 Tips For Spring Gardening

Green Thumb Guide: 7 Tips For Spring Gardening

The sun is blazing through the bright blue clouds and the birds are chirping which means it’s time to prepare your garden for the coming summer. Here are some helpful tips to have your garden looking like the grounds of an English manor before the season reaches its peak.

1: Clean the garden

The first thing you are going to have to do when gardening at home is to clean your garden. Get rid of weeds, leaves and debris. This will give you a great foundation to work with.

2: Replenish the soil

The soil has most likely dried out so you are going to need to add some moisture. Use organic material such as manure or compost. To ensure that the soil gets the right nutrients and to increase its health it is also a good idea to add more fertiliser to expand the life of your plants.

3: Trim old plants                   

The plants that made it through the winter will need pruning for fresh new growth during the spring. When gardening at home prune summer plants in early spring. Plants that have been bloomed should be pruned right after they bloom so that the growth of future flowers is not affected.

4: Add mulch

As well as organic materials and fertilisers you should also add some mulch to your garden and flower beds. You can prevent disease and weeds by adding one to three inches of mulch. It also helps to retain moisture. Mulch should be kept a few inches from the stem of the plant to keep the roots from rotting.

5: Plant new shrubs and flowers

Once the garden has been cleaned and pruned, you can add new plants and shrubs to improve the overall look. Some good spring plants include:

  • Tulips
  • Lilacs
  • Redbuds
  • Snapdragons
  • Pansies

6: Install water butts

Water butts collect seasonal rainfall, not only is rainwater good for the environment it is also better for watering plants because tap water can have a slight alkaline content.

7: Create a composting area

If you don’t already have one, a compost area in your garden will be of great benefit to your plants. When gardening at home make sure that you have a mixture of wood prunings, paper, vegetable peelings and grass clippings. To keep the compost aerated, it is essential that you turn it with a garden fork once a month.

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