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How to Design and Lay Out a Living Room

How to Design and Lay Out a Living Room

The living room is typically the hub of the home. It’s the place where guests, friends and family gather to socialise or to chill out and relax. If you want to make sure that yours' is comfortable and inviting, here are some steps to assist you in its design and layout.

Traffic flow

You want your living room space to be accessible and open, so you will need to take into consideration how people move through the room. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Decide how you want people moving around the room.
  • Don’t create walkways in front of focal points such as the TV.

Focal point

What item of furniture or ornament do you love the most in your living room? Decide what you want everyone to see first when they enter and work around that. You can do this by arranging U-shaped furniture around it. If you don’t have a focal point, you might want to think about creating one. A statement rug or a large piece of artwork are some ideas.


The way your furniture is arranged in your room is going to depend on its size. Prior to purchasing any new furniture, measure your space to get an accurate estimate of what will realistically fit in the room.


If the doorways are positioned at opposite ends of the room, you might want to move the sofa forwards slightly to allow traffic to flow naturally through the room so that your social space is not interrupted.

Sofa idea

If you want to create a nice cosy U-shaped seating arrangement, a sectional sofa works really well. You can arrange it with a pair of accent chairs and place a rug underneath to add a feeling of cohesiveness and anchor the seating arrangement.

The finishing touch

Add some personal details to bring personality into your living room and pull the look together. You also might want to consider the following finishing touches:

  • An area rug: Provides a focal point and anchors your room.
  • Window treatments: Drapes, blinds and curtains are a fantastic style tool, they also add warmth to your living room.
  • Cushions: Decorative cushions can pull together a colour palette or theme
  • Accents: Holiday souvenirs and photo frames make great accents.
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