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9 Decoration ideas to Beautify Your Home Backyard

9 Decoration ideas to Beautify Your Home Backyard

If you desire to have a more beautiful backyard but you lack the funds to hire a professional landscaper there are plenty of DIY design tips that will give your garden the wow factor without breaking the bank.

Plant Hanging

Upgrade a blank, boring wall by hanging some interesting plants. Don’t go for the typical plants that everyone seems to have in their backyard. Opt for some geometric brackets that display the perfect combination of industrial and natural accents.

A Bubbling Water Feature

Ponds and lakes make a beautiful addition to the outdoors and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to do so. Try a mini-sized version that won’t overcrowd a small yard space.

Intimate Lighting

Make your backyard space night-time friendly with some eclectic lighting. Ceramic lanterns  give off a rustic charm. You can also throw some electric candles in the mix for added appeal.

A Mini Herb Garden

Collect some aluminium cans and give them some interesting colour graphics, plant some herbs in them and hang them around your porch beam or exterior wall. Not only will you create an interesting visual but you will no longer need to go to the grocery store to buy your fresh herbs.

An Easy Lounge

You don’t have to be a professional carpenter to put together a stylish outdoor lounger. You can buy them flat packed with simple instructions so that you can make them yourself.

A Sturdy Firepit

Intensify your outdoor appeal, and put some fun into your night-time activities with a firepit.

Line The Garden

Build a natural willowing edge around your garden and create tranquil order in your backyard. You can line your lawn, walkways and flowerbeds to infuse some spectacular detail and natural looking borders. 

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