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Choosing the Right Materials for Your Outdoor Deck

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Outdoor Deck

A lot of people want to have their own outdoor deck. Imagine hosting an intimate dinner party outdoors or reading a book during afternoon tea while communing with nature. Having an outdoor deck is a great addition to your home, allowing you to get the most out of the outdoor space. For DIY lovers, setting up the outdoor deck is a project that’s both exciting and challenging. Also, it adds real value to your property in case you want to sell it in the future. 

One of the key considerations for an outdoor deck is what material to use. There are several materials that you can consider, but which one meets your requirements? In this article, let’s take a look at the different materials that can be used to build an outdoor deck as well as their features:

  • Timber or natural wood - This is a popular choice as it’s both durable and visually appealing. It’s also good for those with swimming pools, since wood has a non-slip surface when wet. While it’s truly worth the investment, keep in mind that it should be well-maintained. Timber, when exposed to different elements, can split, rot or crack so it needs proper maintenance with stains and sealants.
  • Bamboo - If you’re into sustainability then bamboo is your best bet for your outdoor deck. It grows quickly and is easy to harvest. It is aesthetically pleasing, but it requires the same amount of maintenance as natural wood. To maintain its strength and durability while building the outdoor deck, make sure that the bamboo is treated properly. 
  • Composite - Looking for a material that’s lightweight and weather-and-stain-resistant? Consider composite decking. Since it is composed of wood fibre and recycled plastic, it does not rot or splinter the way timber does, making it a low-maintenance choice for outdoor decks. Just wash it and it can maintain its texture, colour, and overall look. Also, it doesn’t need any stain or sealant.
  • Metal - Aluminium is another great option for outdoor decks. It is affordable and weather-resistant.  It is also low maintenance. However, it can be too warm in direct sunlight and slippery when wet.
  • Synthetic - PVC, polymer vinyl, and other synthetics can also be used to build an outdoor deck. These materials are resistant to stains, mildew, and scratches. While they’re low maintenance and cost-effective, they may not be that long-lasting compared to other materials.  
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