Top 5 spring activities your kids will love

Top 5 spring activities your kids will love

Summer is still a way off and the kids have been cooped up for months now.

They need to get out of the house but money is tight and you don’t want to spend a mortgage payment taking them to the movies every time they get bored.

Thankfully, you don’t have to. Here are five things to help entertain youngsters and not bust the budget while the weather is still too cool for a day out at the beach:

1. Have a day out at the beach!

You may not be able to swim and lay around sunning yourselves but the seaside is still a great place to go in spring. In fact, it’s often more interesting because you spend more time beachcombing, collecting shells, fossicking in rock pools and playing games like beach cricket and Frisbee. Just make sure everyone is rugged up and promise fish and chips for lunch and you’ll have a great day out.

2. Climb a mountain

Early spring is the ideal season for inspiring children to reach new heights. Many of our cities are blessed with easy-access mountain walking tracks, and this is the time of the year to tackle them because it’s not too hot. Take some treats to reward the kids when they get to the top, or perhaps take a picnic lunch to eat while you are admiring the views.

3. Get steamy

Kids love saunas. They love chucking water on those hot rocks and steaming things up, and daring each other to jump into the icy plunge pools. It’s a novel experience for them and a cool way to keep kids warm and amused.  Find an indoor aquatic centre with a heated pool and a sauna and they will have a ball.

4. Show them something amazing

This is an ideal time to introduce children to the wonders of a museum.  Always take a good look at the opening hours and admission fees at the museums you want to visit. Often, admission to the main museum or visiting exhibitions can be discounted or even free on one day of the week.

5. Keep it in-house

There are still plenty of great things to do at home to spark up bored children.

Introduce them to the indoor games of your youth such as Monopoly, Fiddlesticks, Snakes and Ladders or teach them to play cards. Many kids today never experience the joys of those old-school family games because they have their faces glued to a screen from an early age. Consider turning your kitchen into a playground and teach them to cook something they will love like cakes or biscuits.

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