12 Things You Forget to Clean in Your Home

12 Things You Forget to Clean in Your Home

You might think that you have already cleaned every nook and cranny in your house. You may have vacuumed your carpets, scrubbed the bathroom floors, cleaned the windows, and wiped clean the kitchen counters. But believe it or not, there are still some areas in the house you forget to clean.

Here are the top 12 things you often forget to clean in the house.

1.Toothbrush holder

Toothbrush holders come in many forms. You may put toothbrushes in a cup or a holder mounted on a wall. Either way, you need to clean your toothbrush holders because as we all know the bathroom is one of the dirtiest place around the house.

Cleaning tip: It’s quite easy to clean your toothbrush holder, just use a bristle brush and soap. A dish washing liquid soap or even a detergent soap will do.

2. Reusable shopping bags

Our shopping bags can accumulate bacteria too! If you use reusable shopping bags when you do your groceries, make sure that your bags are clean when you put more food in them!

Cleaning tip: Just add your reusable bags next time you do your laundry, and store them in an open area.

3. Pillows

House cleaning wouldn’t be complete without washing your bedding, so it just make sense to also clean your pillows to avoid the accumulation of dust mites.

Cleaning tip: Throw your pillows in the washing machine with hot water, then set your dryer to low heat.

4. Doorknobs

Everyone touches these every single day, so our doorknobs can collect tons of bacteria from other things we touch like elevator doors, keyboards, and so much more.

Cleaning tip: Wipe your doorknobs with a disinfectant spray and a microfibre towel.

5. Washing Machine

You may think that your washing machine doesn’t need any cleaning attention because it cleans our clothes and we use detergent in it. However, you still need to clean your washing machine.

Cleaning tip: Just mix baking soda and vinegar in the washing machine, and run the cycle on hot.

6. Houseplants

Our indoor plants can purify our homes, but since they’re indoors they can also collect dust like everything else in your home.

Cleaning tip: Wipe the leaves of your houseplants with a damp cloth. Don’t put any cleaning chemicals on them as this can harm your plants.

7. Garbage cans

You might be throwing your garbage out regularly, but this doesn’t mean you’re throwing away the germs and the stink with it. So you also need to wash your garbage cans to get rid of the bad odours that were left behind by rotting food.

Cleaning tip: Wash your garbage cans with a hose and a disinfectant spray.

8. Remote controls and other gadgets

Remote controls, like our mobile phones and doorknobs are the things we touch most on a regular basis, so we need to clean them regularly too.

Cleaning tip: Rubbing alcohol and a cloth is enough to clean your remote controls.

9. Shower curtains

Another part of the house we often neglect to clean is our shower curtains. They can collect mildew and dirt if left uncleaned.

Cleaning tip: Include your shower curtains next time you do your laundry. You can add a cup of baking soda to bring your shower curtains back to life.

10. Cards in your wallet

Credit cards, debit cards, and ID’s are often mixed with your money which has multiple germs. These cards are used every day, so we need to clean them also.

Cleaning tip: Gently wipe your cards with a damp cloth or anti-bacterial wipes.

11. Ceiling fans

We might not see it, but the blades of the ceiling fans can collect a thick layer of dust especially when they're unused.

Cleaning tip: Grab your stool, or a ladder, then wipe the dust off with an old pillow case.

12. Lighting fixtures

Another area in the house where dust can collect is our lighting fixtures. They need to be cleaned regularly too.

Cleaning tip: Wipe the dust off of your lighting fixtures by using a dry cloth or a simple duster.

These home cleaning ideas will make even the most neglected areas of your house spotless. Make sure that you do these tips regularly to ensure a spotless and germ-free house all year long.

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