8 Living Room Tips to Boost Your Mood

8 Living Room Tips to Boost Your Mood

Our surroundings influence how we feel which is why a change to your home decor can be great for boosting and improving your mood. If you think it’s time to update and enhance your living room, here are eight home improvement ideas that can help you feel happier, more relaxed and focused.

Home tip #1: Lighten up your living room

Lighting can set the tone of any room and how we experience it. A well-lit room is proven to make you feel happier. White-toned light can encourage calmness, while a darker lighting scheme can make a space feel relaxing.

Home tip #2: Place plants indoors

Plants can make your living room livelier, help reduce stress, and also improve air quality. Make sure that you use air purifying houseplants such as peace lily, snake plant, spider plant and aloe vera. And place the plants where natural light is available.

Home tip #3: De-clutter regularly

Eliminating clutter on a regular basis and getting rid of things you don’t need can free up space in your living room, leaving you more focused, happy and comfortable.  

Home tip #4: Display good memories

Photos, trinkets, and other home decor displayed in your room can remind you of your joyful memories which make you feel happier. It could be a photo from your favourite holiday, a wedding picture or any special event in your life.

Home tip #5: Use soft geometry

Incorporating gentle geometry into your house can make your home decor look and feel soothing. You can add pieces such as an angular sofa, an angular coffee table, bowls, and round cushions. Or you could curve the layout of the chairs in the living room.

Home tip #6: Light some scented candles

Scented candles can improve your mood and increase the ambience in your living room. Go for scented candles that are soy-based with natural essential oils, or better yet DIY your candles. 

Home tip #7: Increase ventilation

A living room that is depleted of oxygen can make you feel lethargic. The easiest way to let the fresh air in is by keeping your windows open. If the outside air is bad, you can use a purifier, or a ceiling fan to help increase the airflow.

Home tip #8: Don’t be afraid to express yourself

Incorporating your own sense of style into your home is the most important way to make you feel good. Add the kinds of colours you like, and the home decor pieces you want. 

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