How to Maximise a Small Outdoor Space

How to Maximise a Small Outdoor Space

If you’re thinking of designing an outdoor space, but feel you don’t have enough room because of the small space available, these tips and tricks can help you out.

All you need is creativity to create an illusion of a much bigger area no matter how small your space is. Here are five outdoor decor ideas to maximise the space you have.

Plant vertically

If you don’t have enough room for your plants, growing them vertically is a great outdoor idea. You can hang your pots, stack them like a pyramid, put your plants into recycled soda bottles then hang them, or put your plants on shelves. There are plenty of vertical planting options you can choose from.

Consider a built-in bench

Anything built-in is a space saver. You can make a built-in bench made from concrete or wood to add more seating for your family and friends when you want to eat al fresco or just want to hang outside.

Add folding furniture

Reduce clutter in your small outdoor space by investing in fold-up furniture like chairs and tables. They can easily be stored away when you don’t need it them in the colder months, and put up again when you want to soak up the sun.

Create separate spaces

Breaking the outdoor space into separate areas is still possible. You can achieve this by creating interlocking zones with materials like wood-stained decking, grass, plants, fences or decorative stones. Creating separate spaces can make your small outdoor area bigger, giving each space its own purpose.  

Add a fire pit table

Multi-purpose furniture is a great outdoor design idea for small spaces. One good example is a fire pit table with a tabletop, this allows you to eat your meal, then light it up afterwards so you can roast marshmallows for dessert.

Integrate artificial grass

Artificial grass is a good decorating option if you have a really tight space in your yard, patio, or balcony. This can work on several different terrains, and even indoors. Low-maintenance, affordable, and easy to install, this is a great solution for your small space that can guarantee green grass all year long.

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