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ZIP Home Loan - Owner Occupied

2.73% variable rate p.a.*
2.75% comparison rate p.a.*

Estimated Repayment# $1,425.14 / month

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What’s so good about the ZIP Home Loan?

This home loan comes with the $5,000 interest free Visa debit card. This means you can throw away your credit cards and enjoy the same convenience on your purchases without paying interest!

Whether you are refinancing to save money or buying a new home, you will receive the same $5,000 Visa debit card and the same low home loan rate.

You can use the card any way you want, whether it’s for a big purchase, for day-to-day spending like a credit card, or just to keep in the drawer as an emergency fund.

The outstanding balance on the card will never be charged interest, and the card has no ongoing fees. That means no monthly fee, no annual fee and no application fee!

How it works
How it works

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Interest rates

Product name

ZIP Home Loan*


Up to 80%

Principal & Interest rate p.a.


3.00% comp rate*

Interest only rate p.a.



Product name

ZIP Visa debit card



Principal & Interest rate p.a.


Interest only rate p.a.



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$5,000 limit Visa debit card with 0% interest

Cut up your credit cards and enjoy the same spending convenience without paying interest


Unlimited free

Reduce your loan term, whilst still having access to your savings.


No monthly or ongoing fees

Having zero recurring fees means you save thousands over the course of your loan.


Application fee

As an online lender, we save in overhead costs and pass those savings directly on to you. So, we don't charge you an application fee.


Ongoing fees

No recurring monthly or annual fees helps save you thousands.


Repayment fee

No fees to make additional repayments and no limit to the number of additional repayments you can make, so you can pay your loan off sooner.

Savings with ZIP Visa debit card

Visa debit


Interest paid per month


Interest saved in 12 months



Interest paid per month

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Frequently asked questions

There is no catch. When you settle your home loan, you will be issued with your Visa debit card with a $5000 limit, and you can use the card any way you want whether it is for a big purchase or for day-to-day spending. The outstanding balance on the card will never be charged interest, and the card has no ongoing fees, making it a better alternative option to a credit card.
You’ll have interest free equity of $5000 and this is on top of your home loan. The $5000 will not be added to the balance, meaning it won’t impact your monthly repayments. You can choose to pay the owing balance off each month to keep the funds revolving, or not pay it back until you pay off your loan.

Any outstanding amount will become payable upon discharge of the loan.
You are unable to use the $5,000 to pay off your loan. You can choose to put the $5,000 in the home loan as redraw funds, however, this will become payable when you payoff the loan.

The $5,000 ZIP Visa debit card can be a great way to make day to day purchases.
This loan does not come with an offset sub-account. For more information on our home loan with an offset sub-account:
There are a few documents you’ll need to provide in your home loan application. Some of these include:

  • Two (2) most recent consecutive payslips for each applicant
  • Three (3) months bank statements showing regular salary credits, including most recent salary credits with the name of the employer evident
  • Evidence of Salary Sacrifice or Packaging (if applicable)
  • Evidence of Company Vehicle/Car Allowance (if applicable)
  • Six (6) consecutive months of home loan statements showing consistent repayment history (if applicable)
If you are an employee, you'll need to supply a couple of recent consecutive payslips to confirm your income and employment. You will also need to provide up to three months’ worth of bank statements showing your salary paid by your employer and other income. An internet transaction history will generally do.

If you have income paid to more than one account you'll need statements for all those accounts. Alternatively, you could provide your most recent Tax Assessment Notice and a letter from your employer that confirms your salary.

If you're self-employed, the paperwork will be slightly different. When you refinance a loan, you'll need to provide evidence of your ability to make repayments, so your lender will request two years of business and personal tax returns and ATO assessments. requires a minimum deposit of 10% of the purchase price of the property, or the current value of the property if you are refinancing.

To avoid paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), borrowers need a 20% deposit in most cases.
You can see if you prequalify for your home loan using this link: Once you have completed this, we can generally get preliminary approval to you within 48 hours.
The settlement process is different depending on each individual applicant’s personal situation, but we generally say it can take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. To get to settlement, you'll need to apply, speak to one of our lending specialists, upload your documentation, get the property valued, have your loan approved and the documentation delivered and signed, then you'll settle.
We charge a $300 settlement fee plus a valuation fee. The valuation fee for a standard property in a metropolitan area in a major city starts at $220 for properties valued up to $1 million. The valuation fee is not refundable and is payable when the valuation is ordered.
After settlement, you’ll nominate on your direct debit form when you start repayments. Our Customer Care team will also confirm your repayment dates when calling you at loan settlement. Additional repayments into a fixed home loan are allowed and are up to $10,000 per year.
We sure do! Introduce someone to and we'll give you a $450 bonus when they settle their loan with us! They will also get $150 off their settlement fee.

Once your loan application has been submitted, you will be given access to our online portal onTrack. In onTrack, we will collect some more information from you and you can track your application. When your loan settles, you will be given your referral code in onTrack.

You can refer as many people as you like!

At, we help people into their dream homes and cars.

For the last 10 years, thousands of Aussies have trusted our experienced & locally based team with some of their biggest financial decisions - buying a home, a new car or refinancing to save on interest.

Our customers trust us to support them with low home loan and car loan rates, approved quickly through our easy-to-use online app. is completely safe and financially backed by Firstmac, Australia’s 12th largest lender. Firstmac has been operating successfully for more than 40 years, and has $15 billion in mortgages under management, as Australia’s leading non-bank lender.

We are also actively involved in our local community with our Women, Children & Community Program designed to support Australian charities on their mission to raise awareness for important causes.

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