Turn your home into a profitable holiday rental

Turn Your Home into a Profitable Holiday Rental

Renting your home out while you’re on holiday is one way you can earn extra money. But before you turn your home into a holiday rental, you need to make sure that you have created an inviting space that will attract renters. So here’s some tips and tricks on how to get it ready.

Leave a welcome book

Once your guests or renters arrive, give them a welcome book which consists of the information on your home, local attractions near your place, dining options, checkout policies, and emergency contact details. You can also leave a simple welcome package for your guest like a bottle of wine, or a fruit basket.

Make your space neat and tidy

No renters want to arrive to a cluttered holiday home, so make sure that you have all your things organised, clean, and tidy.

Incorporate stylish furnishings

You want to make your holiday house attractive to renters when you post it online so it will be easier to get potential guests interested. You can do this by incorporating stylish, yet comfortable furnishings to make your space relaxing and inviting. This could include adding stylish throws or fluffy pillows perfect for the cooler months.

Good lighting

Good lighting can open up a space and create an atmospheric environment. Make sure that you have enough natural light coming into your house, if not you can add fixtures like lamps.

Advertise your holiday accommodation online

When listing your holiday house rental online, make sure that you have good quality photos to post. Stylish furnishings and good lighting can help you achieve this. Don’t forget to include a written description of your property and its amenities. You can post your short-term holiday rental on Craigslist or AirBnb. You might want to consider listing your rental on multiple sites to get more inquiries.

Screen your renters

Screening your guests can help minimise the risk of damage to your holiday house rental. So before booking, speak to each potential renter and ask things like the purpose of their trip, how many people will be staying at the property, and how long they plan on staying. Asking for a 15% to 20% deposit on the rental price is another way to screen your renters. You can also use this if damage occurs.

Final word

Don’t forget to apply for a rental permit if it’s needed in your area. The kinds of permits and the process will differ from location to location. It’s best to contact your local council about the specific steps required to get a rental permit.

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