Stamp Duty Calculator

Estimates how much stamp duty you'll have to pay depending on the property’s value and location.




Stamp Duty on Property: {{resultData.StampDutyOnProperty | currency : "$" : 0}}
Mortgage Registration Fee: {{resultData.MortgageRegistrationFee | currency : "$" : 0}}
Land Transfer fee: {{resultData.LandTransferFee | currency : "$" : 0}}
Foreign Purchase Surcharge: {{resultData.ForeignPurchaseSurcharge | currency : "$" : 0}}
Estimated total of Government Fees: {{resultData.GovernmentFees | currency : "$" : 0}}
First Home Builder Boost: {{resultData.FirstHomeBuilderBoost | currency : "$" : 0}}
New Home Grant: {{resultData.NewHomeGrant | currency : "$" : 0}}
First Home Owner Grant: {{resultData.FirstHomeOwnerGrant | currency : "$" : 0}}
Estimated total of Government Grant: {{resultData.GovernmentGrant | currency : "$" : 0}}

You may be eligible for the Federal Government First Home Owner Scheme (FHOS) or stamp duty concessions. For more information, please contact your local State or Territorial Revenue Office:


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