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Protect your identity and financial details:

  • Do not disclose personal or banking information to any unauthorised person.

  • If you receive correspondence, email, SMS or a phone call from your financial provider that appears to be valid, and you are requested to take action, then be cautious. It could be a hoax. Contact your financial provider and confirm its validity first before responding.

  • Ensure your loan provider has your current contact details.

  • Record important contact and account details in a secure place - not in your wallet or purse.

  • Notify your loan provider or 13 10 90 if you suspect missing mail and ensure your letterbox is locked at all times.

  • Don't leave documents with your personal information lying around the home or office (such as invoices, tax file records, registration papers, licenses and the like).

  • Always check your account and statements for suspicious transactions.

  • Destroy personal documents before discarding in the rubbish.

  • Do not give your credit card or credit card details to any unauthorised person.

  • Maintain up-to-date anti-virus software and regular operating system updates on your computer.

  • Never allow strangers to make transactions through your account for their own personal uses.

Protect your passwords / PINs:

  • Do not record your passwords or PIN details on your computer.

  • Do not give these details to any unauthorised person.

  • Store your passwords and debit cards securely - and not together.

  • Keep your card in sight when using it and report a stolen card immediately to 13 10 90.

  • Change your passwords and PINs regularly and do not use the same details for all your passwords.

  • Do not use personal details for your passwords, such as phone numbers, birth dates, postcodes, or repeat / consecutive number sequences.

Call us to report a lost or stolen card

7am - 7pm Monday to Friday AEST: 13 10 90 (+61 7 3017 8888)

Outside these contact hours: 1800 621 199 (+61 2 9959 7686)