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Variable Investor Home Loan

6.34 %   p.a. 6.36 %   p.a. $3,108
  • Discounted investor loan rate
  • Offset sub-account available for +0.10%^
  • 10% deposit minimum
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Investor Package

6.28 %   p.a. 6.30 %   p.a. $3,088
  • Available when packaged with an OO loan
  • Offset sub-account available for +0.10%^
  • 20% deposit minimum
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Green Investor

6.19 %   p.a. 6.58 %   p.a. $3,059
  • Discounted green investor loan rate
  • Offset sub-account available for +0.10%^
  • 10% deposit minimum
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Solar Investor

6.19 %   p.a. 6.58 %   p.a. $3,059
  • Discounted solar investor loan rate
  • Offset sub-account available for +0.10%^
  • 10% deposit minimum
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6.99 %   p.a. 7.00 %   p.a. $3,323
  • Available for purchase and refinance
  • No settlement fee
  • 30% deposit minimum
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Ex-Pat Home Loan

7.58 %   p.a. 7.60 %   p.a. $3,524
  • Available for Australian or New Zealand citizens
  • Offset sub-account available at no added cost
  • 20% deposit minimum
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#Based on the dollar value represented in the search fields with P&I repayments and a 30 year loan term.
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Ready to buy your investment property

If you’re planning to purchase an investment property to rent out to tenants, no matter whether it’s your first investment property or your next, we can help.

At, we have a number of low rate investment loan options and with features, and a friendly and experienced team of lending specialists who are here to help you settle quickly, and make your experience as hassle free as possible.

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Why buy an investment property with

Low interest rates

Being an online lender with fewer overheads means we’re able to pass on the savings to our customers.

Australian based

Get help when you need it from our friendly team of Australian based, lending specialists.

Flexible options

Looking to save with an offset, or make extra repayments with a redraw? We have a full range of loan features to suit your situation.

Award winning

We keep on winning awards for our products, innovations and customer service, year after year!

Our home loan application process



Simply fill out your home loan application online by entering some of your details, or chat to one of our friendly lending specialists over the phone and they can complete your application for you.



After your application is complete, use our system we call onTrack on your desktop or device to add your documentation such as payslips and bank statements, and track the progress of your application.

Speak to specialist

Speak to specialist

You will then have an appointment with one of our lending specialists to organise your preliminary approval of your loan, and help you progress through the home loan approval process through to settlement as quickly as possible.

Signing document

Signing document

Check onTrack to received your final approval, mortgage documents and loan agreement. You must sign these and return them in to onTrack.



Your loan will settle and you’ll start saving with your new loan rate, and get your keys to your new dream home!

Access your account

Access your account

Once settlement is complete, we will send your login credentials to start managing your payments in the Smart Money app.

Common investment loan questions

Equity is the value of your home, less any money owed on it. For example, if your house is valued at $600,000 and the current debt is $250,000, the equity in the home would be $350,000.

You can leverage the equity in your home to cover the deposit on a new property, using your existing property as collateral. It’s great to make the first step to enter the property market because once you’re in, using equity is generally much easier than saving for another deposit. Find out more about using equity to buy another home

Buying an investment property is a popular choice of investment for many Australians. Compared to other forms of investment like shares, bonds and ETFs - investing in property is easy to understand. Plus, home loan rates are at record lows, and you can use your home's equity to fund your property investment.

Some benefits of purchasing an investment property include:

Unlike most home loans where each loan repayment consists of both interest and principal (meaning your loan balance reduces with each payment), on an interest only loan you only need to pay the interest calculated on your loan each month. This is particularly helpful to investors who wish to pay the smallest repayment amount.

At, you can choose up to a 5 year loan term for interest only, and once this expires you loan will revert to a principal and interest loan. Your repayments will increase after this period in order reduce your loan down by the end of the term.

If you purchase an investment property, you are likely to come across the term “gearing”. This means borrowing for the purpose of investing.

If you borrow to make an investment it can be negatively geared - where interest repayments exceed net income, or positively geared where net income exceeds repayments.

Negative gearing means that the cost of owning an investment property outweighs the rental income it generates. As an example, assuming your rental property earns $20,000 in one year and the expenses of owning the property (loan repayments, body corporate fees, maintenance, etc.) are $25,000. You will have a loss of $5,000 which you can claim as a tax deduction.

One benefit of this is the ability to claim tax deductions and reduce your taxable income. Additionally, a negatively geared property investment may appreciate in value over time.

It’s important to note the risk involved in negative gearing because you are losing money, so you’ll need to be aware of this so you can budget and prepare for the losses.

Home loan repayment calculator

Use our home loan calculator to estimate what your monthly mortgage repayments could be. Whether you're refinancing or just wanting to understand how much you can afford, all you have to do is enter how the amount you would like to borrow, interest rate, home loan term, payment frequency, and repayment type (either principal & interest or interest-only).

Estimated savings from repayments graph

Your estimated repayments are


Calculator assumptions

Get started

Apply online or speak to one of our Australian based loan specialists who will take care of all the paperwork for you. Applying is easy and we can settle your loan quickly so you start saving sooner. With you can have confidence in dealing with Australia's largest non-bank lender.


How much can I borrow?

It takes less than 3 minutes to calculate your borrowing power!


Ready to apply or want pre-approval?

Give us a call on 13 10 90 or start an online application.

Get free property & suburb insights

To help you find the perfect home, we'd like to give you a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) property report, a breakdown of information about the property you are considering, including previous sale prices.


Estimated property value

An indication of how much the property is worth, based on factors including recent sale prices for comparable properties in the area.


Property mapping

An aerial photo of the property and its immediate surrounds, plus maps of the street & the property in relation to points of interest and facilities.


Properties sold in the area

You will be able to see details of recently-sold properties in the area including the date they were sold, land size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and garage size.


Market comparison

Detailed information about nearby properties currently listed for sale or recently sold, including their first and last advertised price and days on the market.


Median sale prices in the area

The median sale price for homes in the area and how it has changed each month in recent years.


Suburb insight

Information about the suburb's demographics, such as household occupancy, household income and household structure.

Useful Resources

Guide to buying an investment property

Most people have questions as they start on the home buying journey, so we have pulled together some articles to help you.

From information on our easy steps to apply for a home loan, to advice on pre-approvals and buying a home, you can find it here.

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