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Why pay more than you need to for your home loan? With a variable rate mortgage, you can reduce your monthly repayments and have more money for the things you love.

Our variable rate loans come with super-low rates and no ongoing fees. Whether you are building a home, refinancing, or buying an investment property, we have a loan that will meet your needs.

It is easy to apply with us online, and our Australian-based loan specialists will help you every step of the way.

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Why choose variable rate home loans?

With a variable rate loan, your interest rate can rise or fall throughout the term of the loan.

Despite this, variable rate loans are by far the most popular home loan type in Australia. This is partly because, over time, they tend to be cheaper than fixed rate loans (although this is not always true).

They are also the most flexible loan type. With our variable rate loan, you can make unlimited additional repayments at no cost. You can also make unlimited redraws on any additional repayments you’ve made, fee-free.

A variable rate loan also gives you the option of saving even more with a redraw offset facility, where the money in the facility is offset against your loan balance, reducing your interest.

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$50,000 is our minimum borrowing amount for a home loan.
$2,000,000 is our maximum borrowing amount for a home loan.
$1,000,000 is our maximum borrowing amount for a construction loan.
The maximum borrowing amount for a deposit less than 20% is $1,000,000
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2018 Mozo Expert's Choice Home Loan Awards
Award winning home loans
2018 Mozo Expert's Choice Home Loan Awards
2018 Mozo Expert's Choice Home Loan Awards
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Reasons to choose variable home loan


No monthly or
ongoing fees


Multiple loan
splits available^


Unlimited free

Other features include…


Unlimited additional repayments


Weekly, fortnightly and monthly repayments


Smart Money app


Pay your bills with BPAY


Direct debit arrangement


Schedule recurring transfers

Variable rate home loans are the most popular type of loan in Australia for a reason. In short, they offer far more flexibility than a fixed rate loan, and you can use it to your advantage.

With a variable rate loan, you can make unlimited extra repayments with no fees. This means that you can pay off your loan sooner, with less total interest.

If you have made extra repayments, you can also make an unlimited number of redraws from those repayments, without incurring any extra fees.

That means that you can get the best of both worlds, using your money to save on interest, while also having access to the money when you need it.

If you really want to make the most of this approach, you can even combine your variable rate loan with a redraw offset facility, which operates in a similar way to an offset account. The money you put into the redraw offset facility is then “offset” against your outstanding loan balance, and you only pay interest on the difference.

ou have full access to the money in the redraw offset facility through a free VISA debit card, ATMs and online.

None of these benefits are available if you fix the rate on your loan, although a fixed-rate will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your rate cannot increase during the agreed fixed-rate term..

You can also take a bet each way, by having a part fixed, part variable interest loan. A split loan allows you to manage some of the risks of interest rate rises while still being able to make extra repayments.

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