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Construction loan for an investment property

Enjoy low rates, low fees and save money.

Building an investment property is one of the biggest commitments you'll ever make. can help take the stress out of building an investment property with our easy online application process.

From streamlined packages to fully-featured loans, our low-rate investment property loans can be tailored to suit your needs.

Below are our recommended loan packages for people building an investment property.

$50,000 is our minimum borrowing amount for a home loan.
$2,000,000 is our maximum borrowing amount for a home loan.
$1,000,000 is our maximum borrowing amount for a construction loan.
The maximum borrowing amount for a deposit less than 20% is $1,000,000
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Award winning home loans
2018 Mozo Expert's Choice Home Loan Awards
2018 Mozo Expert's Choice Home Loan Awards
Award winning home loans
2018 Mozo Expert's Choice Home Loan Awards
2018 Mozo Expert's Choice Home Loan Awards
2018 CANSTAR 5 Star Rating Outstanding Value
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It's as easy as 1,2,3... makes borrowing simple so you can refinance your mortgage online with confidence.

Go from application to settlement in three easy steps.

Here's how to lock in a super-low-rate home loan, super-fast.



Apply online or on the phone with one of our Australian-based loan specialists.


onTrack to Approved

It is easy for you to track your application to approval, receive your loan documents and set up online services with our award winning onTrack app.


Settle and Save

We do everything required for the loan settlement, so you can start saving money.

Building your home guides

Building a home

Building an investment property is more complex than buying an established property. The finance for building a home follows a different process to that for buying a home. This guide contains information on the home building process from land considerations to tips on selecting a builder.

The guide helps to take the stress out of building a home by explaining our fast and efficient construction loan process. offers competitive investment property loan rates in Australia. Download the guide below.

Cost of building a home

Building a new house can be daunting, especially if you've never done it before.

Just like hunting for an established home, it helps if you have a general ideal of what you can afford before you start.

So how much does it cost to build a house in Australia and what are the main contributors?

Goodbye, paperwork

Put down your pen! Our online system lets you effortlessly share your information, saving time and improving accuracy. No more filling out paper forms, doubling-handling documents and sending hand-signed contracts by snail mail. We collect your information quickly and work behind the scenes to make it happen while you concentrate on more important things! Life is too short to waste on doing paperwork for banks and mortgage brokers!

1. Start your application

Start your application

Visit and fill out an online application. It only takes a few minutes to complete. You will then be prompted to book a quick phone appointment with one of our online loan specialists to review your application and lodge it. You will also receive login credentials for onTrack, our easy-to-use online portal. You can use onTrack on any computer or mobile device including your mobile phone.

Apply Online

Book an appointment

login to 

What you do:​

  • Fill out an application online

  • Book an appointment with a loan specialist

What we do:

  • Contact you at the requested time to discuss the information you provided

2. Speak to a specialist

Speak to a specialist

Talk with one of our loan specialists. They will review your application and help you choose the most appropriate loan for your needs.

What you do:​

  • Be prepared with your financial information such as income and expenses

  • Tell us your key financial goals

What we do:

  • Verify the information you provided

  • Tailor a loan product to achieve your goals

  • Provide access to our onTrack application portal

3. Login and upload your documentation

Login and upload your documentation

Once you have applied, you will need to supply some supporting documents. You can do this using onTrack.

You will need:

  • Evidence that you have your deposit

  • A contract of sale for the land (or proof that you own it)

  • A fixed price building contract from a registered builder

Contract of sale

Building contract from a registered builder


What you do:​

  • Log in to onTrack

  • Start uploading supporting documents to your application checklist

What we do:

  • Verify the information you provide

  • Contact you to assist with the application process.

4. Property valuation ordered

Property valuation ordered

We will arrange for a property valuation to be done on the home you are building.

What you do:​

  • Nominate a time for the valuer to come

  • Attend the valuation or arrange for a contact to attend

What we do:

  • Order the valuation

  • Review the valuation

5. Loan approved

Loan approved

If the valuation falls within the expected range, and our credit assessment is positive, we will approve your loan.

What you do:

  • Check onTrack for application status

What we do:

  • Notify you of your success

6. Loan documentation delivered

Loan documentation delivered

At this Stage you will receive through onTrack:

  • Final Approval of your loan

  • Your Mortgage documents and Loan Agreement pack

What you do:​

  • Complete your loan documents and return to us

What we do:

  • Call you to make sure you have received the documents and everything is in order

7. Settlement


We will contact your conveyancer or solicitor to arrange settlement of the purchase.

What you do:​

  • Arrange necessary deposits to be transferred to your conveyancer

  • Notify your conveyancer that we will be your lender for settlement

  • Arrange conveyancer to contact us to book in settlement

What we do:

  • If further legal documents are required for settlement we will contact your conveyancer

8. Fund the land

Fund the land

We will use a portion of the approved loan amount to complete your purchase of the land.

What you do:​

  • Arrange for you portion of the purchase price to be paid by your conveyancer

What we do:

  • Pay our contribution towards the land from your loan funds

9. Fund construction

Fund construction

Now we start to pay for each stage as it is completed. As each stage is finished, we arrange a progressive inspection and then, if everything is in order, we pay the builder directly.

The stages of a construction loan are:


Typical components


Paid to the builder to commence work


Concrete slab complete or footings and base brickwork complete


House frame complete and approved by inspector


Windows/doors, roofing, brickwork, insulation


Plaster, kitchen cupboards, appliances, bathroom, toilet, laundry fittings/tiling, heating, fixing/internal doors, etc., plumbing, electrical, painting

Practical Completion

Fencing, site clean-up, final payment to builder

What you do:​

  • Sign the invoice from your builder

  • Send it to us

What we do:

  • Order an inspection

  • Pay the invoice if the stage has been satisfactorily completed

10. Move in

Move in

Once the home has reached practical completion we will make the final payment to the builder. You can then collect your keys and move in.

What you do:​

  • Send us the final invoice

  • Insure the house

  • Provide us with a copy of the occupancy permit

  • Collect your keys

What we do:

  • Make the final payment

Resource centre videos

Deposit amount


Borrowing capacity


Construction basics


Not sure where to start or want to know which properties are in your budget? Try our borrowing power calculator to see how much you are eligible to borrow.

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