What is the home loan process?

When you apply for a home loan through a lender, there are many things you'll need to organise. Here is a rundown of the process.


Before you can take out a home loan, you'll need to make sure you qualify.

Our online questionnaire takes just a few minutes, and will help you get a conditional pre-qualification. To fill it out you'll need to know how much you are going to borrow, the value of the property you'll be taking out a loan for and the number of borrowers.

You'll also need to list the purpose of your loan.

For example, it might be for a property you've already found, a self managed super fund investment or a simple mortgage refinance.

If you're still looking for that dream home, that's okay too! You can still apply, and a professional property valuation will be scheduled for as soon as you find your property.

You'll also need to provide details of your financial commitments, specifically your income and expenses.

Once you have this conditional pre-qualification, it's valid for up to three months.

Formal application

When you apply for your home loan, we'll take you through the various options available.

Make sure you know how much your loan will cost you in repayments so you can budget for it.

You'll need to sign an application form declaring the information you've given us is correct. Throughout the process, you may need to provide certain documentation.

Remember that we're here to make the process as simple as possible.


If you receive pre-approval or conditional approval, this means that you will get your loan providing certain conditions are met.

A property valuation will be conducted to establish the market value.

Unconditional approval means all conditions have been met!

Nearly there

The lender and your solicitor will manage the mortgage documents, including the Letter of Offer. Ultimately, this forms the credit contract.

The final step is settlement of your new property, and then the process is complete. Congratulations!

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