Blog How you know you’ve found your dream home

How you know you’ve found your dream home

03 December 2020
How you know you’ve found your dream home

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People always say you’ll ‘just know’ when you’ve found the one.

But does the same thing apply when you’ve found your dream home, or is it a little more complicated than that? Here are five signs you’ve probably found your dream property.

It’s the home you compare all other homes to

A good way to know if you’ve found your dream home is if you constantly find yourself comparing all other properties against it, and finding that every other home just doesn’t measure up. If you find yourself saying “this property just isn’t as good as x home for all these reasons” it’s a good sign you’ve found something really special.

You can already picture your life there

Being too emotionally invested in one property can be a little bit risky because you could have your heart broken if your offer falls through or someone outbids you. With that said, if you’ve already started to envision your life in that property and have already picked out who gets what bedroom, how you’ll decorate the place, and already started planning the housewarming in your head, it’s usually a good sign that you should buy that property.

It checks all (or almost all) of your boxes

Very few properties will have absolutely everything you have ever wanted (unless you build your own home) but if a property checks off almost everything on your wishlist, it’s a great sign that you should buy it.

Another great sign is if you’re able to easily overlook any shortfalls of the property, such as the horrible orange paint on the living room walls which can easily be repainted, or the fact that there’s three bedrooms and no study but you can always convert the third bedroom into one.

It feels like home

When searching for a home, many people say they’ll know they’ve find the right property when they ‘get the feeling’. Real estate agents hate it when home buyers say this because there’s no search criteria for ‘a feeling’ but if you’ve been searching for a home and get that gut feeling, it’s a good sign that you’ve found your dream home.

It’s important to trust your intuition when viewing homes - if something feels right, it probably is.

You stop looking at other houses

If the thought of looking at other houses seems pointless because you know none of them will be able to beat the one you’ve got your heart set on, it’s a good sign you should probably hurry up and put in an offer before someone else snatches it!

Can’t decide between properties? If you’ve found multiple properties that you really love, you can use a property report to help you compare and decide.

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