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Best suburbs to invest in Adelaide in 2022

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Top 10 Adelaide suburbs for investment in 2022

The property market in the city of churches continues to show no signs of slowing down, breaking records month-on-month throughout 2021. With all eyes now focused on the performance of the property market in 2022, here we’ll take a look at some of the top Adelaide suburbs for investors.

On the 12 months to November 30 2021, CoreLogic data saw Adelaide property prices up 21.4%, pipped out of the top four by Hobart (27.7%), Sydney (25.8%), Brisbane (25.1%) and Canberra (24.5%). Adelaide’s median dwelling value currently sits at $558,179 making it the third most affordable Australian capital city behind Perth and Darwin.

In 2020, Adelaide was named Australia’s most liveable city based on Ipsos’s Liveability Index and the third-most liveable city in the world according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index for 2021.

Interested in an Adelaide tree change? Read on to find the top 10 Adelaide suburbs for investment in 2022.

1. Welland

Located 5km from Adelaide CBD and 15 minutes from neighbouring beaches, Welland is considered an up and coming area for young families and executives given its amenities and close proximity to the city. Welland lies close to the new city-fringe Bowden development opening in 2022 as well as The University of Adelaide and new Royal Adelaide Hospital. With 2021 in the rearview mirror, Welland grew a mammoth 33.5%, a trend that looks set to continue in 2022.

Median house price: $829,000

Median unit price: $448,000

Rental house yield: 3.70%

Rental unit yield: 4.90%

2. Aldinga Beach

Aldinga Beach is an outer southern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. Located approximately 50 minutes from Adelaide CBD, Aldinga Beach is considered a prime hotspot for beachside living in South Australia, growing a mammoth 17.4% in 2021.

Median house price: $455,000

Median unit price: $358,000

Rental house yield: 4.37%

Rental unit yield: 5.22%

3. Unley

Considered by locals as ‘cosmopolitan’ and 'chic', Unley lies in the heart of Adelaide at a mere five minutes from the CBD. Of great appeal to investors around the country, Unley includes all the requisite shops, cafes and services that span across King William and Unley Roads. As Unley’s high rate of home ownership attests, families here tend to stay put for generations. For investors this lies in good stead as secure tenants can be incredibly hard to come by. Property investors enjoyed capital gains of 37.72% throughout 2021, with the expectation of much more to come in 2022.

Median house price: $1,375,000

Median unit price: $461,000

Rental house yield: 2.31%

Rental unit yield: 4.44%

4. Millswood

A short ten-minute commute to Adelaide CBD, Millswood is situated to the south of Adelaide and immediately adjacent to the south-west of Hyde Park. Filled with wide, leafy streets, Millswood has access to both the upmarket shopping strip of King William Road at Hyde Park and also the good selection of shops and services along Goodwood Road. Millswood has experienced a capital gain of 33.49% throughout 2021, higher than its five-year average growth of 31.93%.

Median house price: $1,314,500

Rental house yield: 2.44%

5. Eden Hills

Possessing city views combined with the peace and tranquility of the country, Eden Hills is a suburb dubbed by locals as one that has it all. Close to hospitals and universities, Eden Hills lies 15km south of Adelaide CBD. Median house price grew by 30% in Eden Hills throughout 2021, yet its attractive mid-range price point will only prompt further growth across 2022.

Median house price: $725,000

Rental house yield: 3.99%

6. Burnside

Lying at the foothills in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs, Burnside sits just 10 minutes from Adelaide CBD. Providing great access to a range of facilities and precincts including the iconic Burnside Village and the Parade at Norwood, Burnside is considered great for lifestyle. With a median house price growth of 18.2% throughout 2021, Burnside is expected to continue to grow in 2022.

Median house price: $1,292,500

Median unit price: $402,000

Rental house yield: 2.93%

Rental unit yield: 3.80%

7. Glenelg

A major drawcard for Glenelg lies in its vast open spaces, with views spanning the horizon over Gulf St Vincent. Situated some 20 minutes from Adelaide CBD, Glenelg is known for attracting the young and the young-at-heart. With the ocean lying at your potential doorstep, a primary drawcard for investors to Glenelg is the strength of the unit market, filled during peak-seasons with holiday-goers. The desire for a ‘sea-change' across 2021 has seen the median house price rise for Glenelg rise 25.27%, a trend that may not slow down anytime soon.

Median house price: $1,200,000

Median unit price: $550,000

Rental house yield: 2.60%

Rental unit yield: 4.10%

8. Fulham Gardens

Located 10km to the west of Adelaide CBD, Fulham Gardens lies between River Torrens and St Vincent Gulf. Well-serviced by public transport, Fulham Gardens is considered a ‘hidden-gem’ amongst locals based on its peaceful nature, maintenance of features and high-feeling of safety. Across 2021, Fulham Gardens median house price grew 11.7% with similar growth forecast throughout 2022.

Median house price: $839,000

Median unit price: $447,000

Rental house yield: 3.30%

Rental unit yield: 4.30%

9. Hackham

Located to the east of Christies Beach forming apart of the ‘Turquoise Coast’, Hackham is located 45 minutes to Adelaide CBD and 15 minutes to both the beach and wine region of McLaren Vale. Hackham experienced a median house price growth of 17.65% in 2021, with many investors from interstate and across the east of Australia identifying the suburb as an area of growth for the future.

Median house price: $380,000

Median unit price: $280,000

Rental house yield: 5.30%

10. Sellicks Beach

Sellicks Beach is defined by pristine beach living with views of rugged cliff-faces and winding hills. Located approximately 60km from Adelaide CBD, Sellicks Beach is a quiet area, considered a great place for a range of demographics - particularly those looking to raise a family or retire. Aldinga lies around 8km from Sellicks Beach, serviced by a shopping centre with two major supermarkets. Sellicks Beach has experienced a median house price growth of 23.73% in 2021, as the desire for beach-living remains a dream across all corners of Australia.

Median house price: $510,000

Rental house yield: 4.05%

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