Smart Loan Package

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Discount Offer - Terms & Conditions

Discount Offer - Terms & Conditions

Package your home and investment loans for a lower rate.

  • Package rates
  • Redraw offset facility
  • Visa debit card
  • No ongoing fees
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Monthly repayments#

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  • 3.79 % 2 yr fixed rate p.a.**
  • 3.84 % comparison rate p.a.**

Smart Loan Package

Package your owner-occupied loan with your investment loan and enjoy low rates for both.


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minimum monthly repayments

This calculation is based on a $400,000 loan over 30 years and includes principle & interest. This may not be your actual repayment.

  • Great low rate on investment loans when you package with your owner-occupied loan
  • Unlimited additional repayments
  • No monthly or ongoing fees

Why choose a home loan package?

Looking for a loan package for your owner-occupied and investment loans? Our Smart Loan Package has great low rates and all the features you need in a home loan.

By packaging your owner-occupied loan with your investment loan, you can enjoy low rates for both. You also benefit from a range of home loan features, including a 100% redraw offset facility, flexible payment options, split loan facilities and much more.

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