ZIP Home Loan

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Discount Offer - Terms & Conditions

Discount Offer - Terms & Conditions

Get $5,000 Interest Free
Get Rewarded for Being a Home Owner

  • $5,000 limit Visa Debit Card with 0% interest
  • No ongoing fees
  • Unlimited additional repayments
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Stop paying credit card interest

The ZIP Home Loan is a super-low-rate home loan that comes with a $5,000 limit Visa Debit Card that is interest free.

Cut up your credit cards and enjoy the same spending convenience without paying interest!

Home buyers and refinancers
Whether you are buying a new home or looking to reduce your monthly loan repayments by refinancing, you will receive the same low home loan rate and 0% ZIP Visa Debit Card.

If you are looking for a low-rate home loan that will save you money on interest and fees, while helping you avoid expensive credit cards, this is the loan for you.

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Purchase with Confidence

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