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How to Get the Hampton Style Look in an Australian Home

How to Get the Hampton Style Look in Your Home

The Hamptons-style house originated in the Hamptons north of New York. This is where rich New Yorkers spend their holidays. A Hamptons-style home exudes a laid back but luxurious, simple but elegant look.

This type of decorative style is slowly making its way to Australian homes since it is well suited to our hot and sunny climate and laid back vibe. So how can you incorporate Hamptons style into your Australian home? Here are some tips to consider:  

  • Make it all simple and classic

Hampton-style homes are simple and classic. Look for furniture and home pieces that are neutral and timeless. You can add some wicker or cane furniture for a beachy vibe, a throw blanket and cushions that boasts a coastal look and other tiny details that can add huge personality such as collections of corals, shells, and blue bottles.

  • Select white and cream colours

The colour palette of a Hamptons-style home is predominantly white, boasting soft and muted colours from your walls, the furniture, kitchen splashback, and the other parts of the home.  If an all-white theme isn’t your thing, you can add some colours to your decorative items such as soft blue, greens, corals, or any natural coastal colour. This can add statement and interest to your Hamptons-inspired home.

  • Let the natural light

A Hamptons home should be full of natural light in every part of the house. Having open space and high ceilings can give you a breezy feel which can help bring more natural light in and air. If this means having your existing home renovated, you can install pendant lights and French doors.

  • Install timber flooring

Another aspect of a Hamptons-style home is the timber flooring, either in a very dark brown colour or light, bleached shade. This can go really well with your white-on-white colour scheme. Don’t forget to add rugs that are natural such as sisal or jute.

  • Accessorise with plants

Natural elements are a huge part of a Hamptons home which is why furniture that is made of natural materials such as bamboo, wicker, or rattan is recommended. Plants are another natural element that can add a splash of colour to your nearly all-white ensemble. You can try to add any indoor plants you like, but popular choices are Fiddle Leaf Figs, Strelitzias and palms.

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