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What is your organization’s mission?..

Juiced TV's mission is to provide entertainment and education to improve the mental, social and emotional wellbeing of children in hospital.

What are your organization’s goals?..

We want to make our impact available across Australia so that every child, no matter where they are, feels a sense of belonging and has access to the entertainment, education, and joy that defines Juiced TV.

What does it mean being a Bronco’s charity?..

We're really excited to bring together our passion for improving the lives of kids in hospital throughout Queensland, with the passion the Broncos and their community have both on and off the field. Throughout the season we'll be able to brighten hospital stays for so many patients and families as we create opportunities to meet their favourite players and capture each amazing moment with our broader community through Juiced TV episodes. Being the recipient of the fundraising from the 50-50 charity raffle on May 26 is also going to give us a huge boost to increase our impact, and to reach more kids in more hospitals across the state.

What progress is your organization making towards its goals?..

Throughout the 9 years of providing our service at the Queensland Children's Hospital, over 5,000 patients and families have taken part in the making of 'the TV show made by kids in hospital, for kids in hospital'. We now have our sights set on making our service available to all children and young people in hospitals throughout Queensland and beyond. A huge step towards achieving this goal happened last year when we launched our new Juiced App - available for free on Google Play and App Store. It's a place where patients and families can be entertained with hours of Juiced TV, as well as be educated about their hospital journey. And it's a place where any family can watch and be inspired by all the kids who star in our Juiced TV show.

Can we support you in other ways to help make a difference?..

Every dollar donated can help us make a huge difference. We are a small but mighty team and create an episode every week (up to our 11th season). Every dollar donated helps us interact and film with more patients, tell more stories, and have that content viewed by more kids in hospital. It's a ripple effect with big impact. We're focussed on increasing our operations and impact at Juiced HQ at the Queensland Children's Hospital, while also wanted to raise enough funds so that we can provide our service in every regional children's ward across Queensland. We're looking to grow our corporate partnerships, so if anyone within the loans.com.au network knows of a values aligned organisation who'd like to be a part of our journey, we'd love to meet them!

What’s your most important message?..

Watch Juiced TV! It's not just for families who are on a hospital journey, it's for every family. The episodes are a wonderful showcase of kids of all ages, abilities and conditions, and short enough to enjoy during some quiet time before/after school or kindy. Our content caters for a range of ages from 4-16 years, and we guarantee if your staff and customers watch a few episodes with their families they'll be inspired by the resilience, diversity and inclusivity that shines throughout each episode.

What does it mean to have the support of volunteers?..

Volunteers for us mean we can be more efficient. We can open up our Juiced Studio on more days for the Queensland Children's Hospital families. It means we can focus more time on fundraising and making the most of some big opportunities when they present themselves. We recently had an opportunity to be outside a major Christmas event and ask for donations through tap'n'go. With only 4 staff at Juiced TV it was hard to maximise that occasion to raise funds before the end of the year. In the future we hope to call on a volunteer network to help us with more community-based fundraising activations like this to help us.

What are the best ways to donate to your charity (ie in the form of donations, volunteers, non -cash and in time donations?)..

We are a charity who doesn't like asking for money, but as we focus on scaling our impact, it's definitely the monetary donations that will help make a big difference for us. The more donations, the more filming days and experience, the more patients we interact with, the more impact we have.

How big is your network when it comes to distributing your donations?..

Our base is at the Queensland Children's Hospital- the major paediatric facility for Queensland and Northern New South Wales where the sickest kids come for treatment, but we utilise technology and road trips to be able to extend our reach as far and wide as possible. In terms of direct interactions, each year we work with over 900 patients and families to create our tv show made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital - and on top of that we have out thousands and thousands of views of our episodes - which continues to make an impact on other patients and families.

How big are your plans or goals for 2024/2025?

The kids and families on Juiced TV remind us that every week you have to dream BIG! We now have our Juiced App and we have opened our Juiced Studio at Queensland Children's Hospital. We have plans to travel throughout regional and remote Queensland. We have goals of increasing the number of patients and families we interact with. When all said and done though, we are grateful to be doing what we do every day. Every child matters to us, and every time we have a star on Juiced TV saying we have given them the best day of their life in front of the camera - we know we've done our job right!

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