Home Design Trends You'll Be Loving This Spring

Home Design Trends You'll Be Loving This Spring

With spring just around the corner, this is a great time to refresh your decor.

There’s tons of interesting designs you can incorporate into your home this season and here are seven of our favourites:

Floral patterns

Adding floral patterns to your home decoration pieces such as in throw pillows, wallpaper, artworks, or even small accent pieces can create an elegant and blooming environment that isn’t overwhelming.


This home idea is becoming increasingly popular on Pinterest. Acrylic is the go-to modern design you can pretty much integrate into every part of your home, from tables, chairs, picture frames, to desk accessories and more. Incorporating this see-through material is also perfect for homes with tight spaces, because this gives an appearance that a furniture is taking up only a little space.  


Bring the outside in by adding plants to your home. Plants are not just decorative pieces but they also provide health benefits like a natural air purifier. The ideal indoor plants to consider are aloe vera, bamboo palm, snake plant, and peace lily.


Spring is the time to change your dark and heavy curtains to something light and airy. Curtains can brighten up any room so don’t be afraid to go bold with your window designs. You can opt for floral patterns, green-coloured curtains, or creamy coloured ones that can easily match any home style.

Bright colours

Mimic the colourful spring season in the interiors of your home by incorporating bright colours. You can add a pop of colour by painting yellow or green on the insides of your kitchen cabinets for a surprising effect, or simply paint an accent wall that can be the focal point of your room.

Colourful table linen

Refresh the style of your dining table by switching your old table linen to something colourful that matches the spring season. You can choose a delightful combination of patterns or solid colours for your set table to create a new interesting look in the dining area.

Empty picture frame door

If you have an old ornate picture frame lying around the house, you can use it as a decorative piece on the inside of your front door. Hang the empty picture frame around the peephole for a look inspired by Monica Geller on the television sitcom Friends. 

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