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The Captain's Ride from the Steve Waugh Foundation is proud to be the Major Sponsor of the Captain’s Ride, which is the cornerstone fundraising event of the Steve Waugh Foundation.

The ride is a gruelling six-day road cycle tour and leadership program, which will take place this year for the first time in Queensland.

Starting in Toowoomba on November 4th, it will finish in Tambourine Mountain on November 9th.

The Captain’s Ride is about people from all walks of life inspiring, supporting and guiding others, while raising funds for children and young adults with rare diseases and their families.

Participants this year will include Track Cycling gold medallist and legend Anna Meares OAM, Paralympic gold medallist Kurt Fearnely AO, Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden AM, British decathalon champion Daley Thompson CBE, and a range of other sporting and business leaders along with Steve Waugh AO himself.

Five members of the team will join 70 other riders participating in the life changing event.


The Cause

More than 400,000 Australian kids live with one of the 6000-8000 known rare diseases. Rare disease patients are the orphans of the health system, often without diagnosis, without treatment, and therefore, without reason to hope. This needs to change.


The Steve Waugh Foundation

The Steve Waugh Foundation offers somewhere to turn for children and young adults with rare diseases.

It takes a holistic approach to supporting children and young adults (0-25yrs) with the rarest diseases. Some children come for help once; others come back time and time again. The Foundation works to give these children and young adults a better quality of life, offering support and the opportunity to connect with others through:

  • Individual Grants – for medicine, specialised equipment and treatment therapies
  • Respite Camps – to support the families of children with rare diseases
  • Raising Awareness - playing a leading role in promoting World Rare Disease Day in Australia since 2009

Daily Highlights

Day One


4 November, Toowoomba to Bunya Mountains

It’s a BIG first day, with the ride covering 140 kilometres and 1514 vertical metres of climbing. 23 first-time riders have joined the team this year! Nerves will be running high with excitement and anticipation. The Captain Steve Waugh and Team are ready to go! The contrast from last year’s ride will be extreme - from the cold high mountains of Victoria, to the testing heat and historical national parks and rich rainforests of the Toowoomba region. At the core of The Captain’s Ride is a Leadership Program for Captains of Industry, emerging leaders, and those that want to be Captains of their own life. The week ahead will leave an impression on every one, and for some, it will be a life changing experience.

“Unfortunately a lot of children around the world don’t have the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality. In 18 years touring the world as a professional cricketer, I saw and experienced many different countries and cultures. It has helped shape me into the person I am today and provided the inspiration for my involvement in charity work.” Steve Waugh AO

Strength of Character

1 in 10 people will be living with or have a rare disease

Today we ride for Josie who has a rare disease called FOXG1 Syndrome.

5 November, Bunya Mountain to Toowoomba

Ride Ambassador and Motorsport Champion Will Power brings his namesake ‘power’ to The Ride today! Indy Car Series Champion – as of 2015, Will is the most successful road and street course race winner in the series history with 19 wins. Today’s route covers 100 kilometres and 1183 vertical metres of climbing for riders. Ride Ambassadors riding with the team today include Australian Hockey Olympic Gold Medallist Mark Knowles OAM, Decathlon Champion Daley Thompson CBE, and International Soccer Champion Craig Johnston, amongst a team of 70 Riders. A major motivation behind the Steve Waugh Foundation is that “no one should have to stand alone; everyone needs a team to support them.” Steve Waugh AO

Inspiration and Leadership

Up to 2 million Australians have a rare disease, up to 400,000 are children

Today, we ride for Kira who has a rare disease called KCNQ2 Encephalopathy

Day Two


Day Three


6 November, Toowoomba to Warwick

Today is the longest day of the ride covering 173 kilometres and 1358 vertical metres of climbing. It’s going to be a long day! “The Captain’s Ride for me personally continues to be the most physically demanding, emotionally draining and sternest tests of character I’ve ever undertaken. You embark on a journey where you will learn more about yourself and what makes you the person you are.” Steve Waugh AO. The Ride aims to emulate the attitude children with rare disease show every day as they battle against the odds. It’s meant to be difficult, and you need team work to get through it. Today will test the team.

Putting Rare Diseases on the Map

A rare disease is defined in Australia as affecting 1 in 10,000 people.

Today we ride for Harvey who has a rare disease called Panhypopituitarism (PHP)

7 November, Warwick to Boonah

Three time Paralympic Gold Medallist Kurt Fearnley AO joins The Ride today! Fellow Gold Medallist and most successful Paralympic athlete in the Winter Games, Michael Milton OAM is also back this year. Both these extraordinary men will be inspiring the team today. Backing up from the longest day, riders head north – 118 kilometres and 1501 vertical metres of climbing. Riders will be pushed to the limits emotionally, physically, mentally, and need to be at their best and focused. “To make a positive impact you have to give 100 % every day, be it on the cricket field or helping a child. I’ve always wanted to help sick children who, through no fault of their own, ‘fall through the cracks’ and have nowhere to turn for help. Rare diseases are the ‘orphans’ of the health system and much neglected area of support.” Steve Waugh AO

Courage and Character

There are 6,000 – 8,000 known rare diseases and many yet to be diagnosed.

Today we ride for Cooper who has a rare disease called Trisomy 13Mosaic (commonly known as Patau Syndrome)

Day Four


Day Five


8 November, Boonah Loop

A small relief today for the ride team, it is the shortest distance to ride on tour, 75 kilometres with the promise of an earlier finish to the day and some fun activities and recovery in the afternoon. Finishing where they started, today is a loop around the Boonah area. Every day is a challenge. Our rider team includes four fathers of children with a rare disease, who know firsthand what it means to be part of a family living with a rare disease. Each child and young adult we help has an extraordinary story, interwoven with the unknown, frustration, hope, despair, isolation, moments of triumph, and unwavering determination. Each night on tour, Steve Waugh shares stories and specially-invited Champions share their personal experiences, the motivation riders need to make the distance each day.

It’s not the destination – it’s the journey

Rare diseases affect up to 10% of people in every community around the world.

Today we ride for Kyran who has a rare disease called Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy (commonly known as Krabbe Disease).

9 November, Boonah to Tambourine Mountain

Today is the last day of the ride. Riders have endured five days of emotion, draining heat, and sore, tired bodies. One more to go! Today, the team covers 140 kilometres and 1525 vertical metres of climbing. Teamwork, camaraderie and the knowledge that the team is not only changing lives, but in some cases saving lives, will ensure they can, and will complete the day and tour. “We will make a genuine and real impact in changing the lives of children living with a rare disease. On behalf of the young people and families we support, thank you. The Captain’s Ride is ‘putting rare diseases on the map’” Steve Waugh AO.

The Captain’s Ride is a life-changing experience for everyone who claims the finish line and is in some way part of it.

Always 100%

Rare disease are rare, people with rare diseases are many.

Today we ride for Michael who has a rare disease called Tumour Necrosis Receptor Associated Periodic Fever Syndrome (TRAPS)

Day Six

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