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Case Study: Katrine

We're interviewing some of our amazing loans.com.au customers to get to know their home and car-buying stories.


Home loan customer

Meet Katrine, a fantastic customer of ours who came to us when she wanted to finance an investment property with her partner through their new SMSF.

Age: 40s

Relationship status: De facto

Stage of the journey: Homeowner and investor

Katrine Katrine

We had a chat with Gold Coast-based Katrine and asked her a few questions about her experience, challenges, and how she overcame them.


Setting up the SMSF was a mission as we had to do it quite quickly, and we had bought an off-the-plan property and had to change the entity name, etc. The developer also gave us very little time to get a valuation done and settle within 14 days.

loans.com.au did everything to make things happen as quickly as possible and made sure I was very prepared with all the documentation. Ensuring that I knew I had to get documents certified, setting up the independent legal advice in good time and escalating things at their end as much as possible.


  • Setting up the SMSF
  • Getting an SMSF loan approved and settled FAST


  • loans.com.au were very helpful in outlining the steps required to make a property investment through an SMSF. They knew everything I needed to know about SMSF loans.
  • loans.com.au made the short timeframes clear and they responded by moving as fast as possible.

“loans.com.au is truly a modern lender with a can-do approach.”

How was your loans.com.au experience?

loans.com.au gave me all the confidence I needed to feel that they would do everything they could to make this as seamless and stress-free as possible and assured me that they would escalate things on their end if required. They were very knowledgeable about SMSF loans and the process involved. I could not fault them. They are available to talk to whenever you need them and are incredibly helpful. This is one of the things that I value the most as it can be a very stressful time but they are available to answer your questions. They are truly a modern lender with a can-do approach.

loans.com.au customer?

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