Blog Best end of year specials on commuter vehicles

Best end of year specials on commuter vehicles

29 May 2020
Best end of year specials on commuter vehicles

Many Australians have had months of working from home or maybe not working at all, as coronavirus restrictions and shutdowns put the economy on lockdown and confined us to our homes. However, each state is now gradually lifting these restrictions, which means lots of us will soon start heading back into the office.

With public transport being a breeding ground for illness and disease, there’s likely to be a push for buying cars as an alternative method of getting to work, after new car sales plummeted by 48.5% in April. Certain city councils are also planning on introducing pop-up car parks in an effort to encourage Australians to drive into work instead of catching the bus or train.

With this in mind, here are a select few good end of year specials on commuter cars, and information on how you can keep an eye out for a bargain.

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The Suzuki Swift

According to CarsGuide, the ever-present Suzuki Swift might be one of the best cars to look out for this EOFY in terms of value for money. Normally $23,365, some models have been discounted by as much as 14.4%, or more than $3,300.

If you’re looking for a cheap, reliable car that can get you from A to B, that can also easily fit into cramped city car parks, then consider checking out a Swift.

The MG3

At the cheaper end of the scale, CarsGuide is reporting this practical, compact car has been discounted by as much as 15.4%, from a driveway cost of $21,861 to $18,490. At a time when finances are stretched, this model could represent excellent value for a commuter, and it also comes with a seven-year unlimited-kilometre warranty and seven-year roadside assistance.

The Mitsubishi Outlander

The seven-seater Mitsubishi Outlander normally has a drive away price of around $36,000. But according to CarsGuide, discounts of up to 12.7% are available, reducing the price by more than $4,500 to just under $31,500.

The Outlander is one of the cheapest seven-seaters on the market, is fuel-efficient, and has a comfortable interior, making it an ideal option for commuting, especially if you’re taking multiple people or dropping the kids off at school.

The Mazda2 G15

The final shoutout we’ll give is to the Mazda G15, one of the more popular sedan models around. Usually priced at around $25,000, CarsGuide is reporting a 10.3% discount at some dealerships, potentially saving you around $2,500 drive away.

This car is surprisingly roomy, but not too big or cumbersome to drive, and is generally regarded as one of the better city-sized cars available. Equipped with all the latest gadgets too, this one would make a good choice if you like to listen to a good podcast on your commute.

Remember that these are just a few of many great bargains out there. So jump online, do your research and look to see if you can find any other similar deals.

How to spot a bargain during EOFY sales

It’s well documented that cars go for a lot less during the end of the financial year period (June/July), often dropping off in price by around 30-35% on average according to past data. These sales usually occur as dealers tend to have a lot of extra stock to clear before the start of the new financial year, and this combined with having to hit sales targets means they’re more likely to offload new cars for cheaper prices.

With new car sales nearly halving in April and falling for more than 24 consecutive months, dealers will probably have a heap of extra cars to get rid of, which means you might be in a stronger position to pick up a bargain. So do your homework by researching the price of similar models in different dealerships, start with a low price, and don’t be prepared to walk away if they won’t give you the price you want.

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