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Questions to ask when buying a townhouse

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Buying a townhouse can be a great compromise because it has less maintenance and expense than a free standing home but feels more like living in a house than in an apartment. If you don't want to be bothered by garden maintenance or exterior maintenance issues, then a townhouse is an ideal choice for you.

Before you buy a property like a townhouse, you need to understand if townhouse-living will fit you and your lifestyle, so here are five questions to ask yourself when buying a townhouse:  

Are there any restrictions?

Some townhouses have restrictions on pets, plants, and renovations you can do inside the property. Make sure to know the all the regulations including whether you can keep all of your pets and if you can place your plant collection outside. Knowing the rules beforehand will save you from problems in the future.  

How much are the strata fees?

A townhouse is governed by strata title where the common areas in the complex are managed by the Body Corporate. While this means you have less personal obligation when it comes to maintaining the property but you need to pay strata fees. Before buying, find out how much these ongoing fees are so you can factor this into your budget.  

How’s the parking space?

Whether or not you own a car, having a parking space is a tremendous asset. If you plan to turn it into an investment property, this can translate into an additional weekly rent of up to $100 depending on the location.

How is the noise pollution?

In a townhouse, you will share common walls with your neighbours. Hence, noise might travel very easily from house to house. Ask if the walls are soundproofed, or what the neighbourhood tone is like. You can also observe on the day you’re visiting the house to see or hear how the noise pollution is.

How much is home and contents insurance?

Some strata management will take care of a portion of the home and contents insurance, and some will let you pay the whole amount. Make sure that you know what the insurance policy covers, including natural disasters such as flood and earthquakes. You will want to be protected just in case something awful happens.

Talk to a lender today and see which loan product will suit you the best so you can buy a townhouse. 

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