Blog Summer renovation ideas that won't break the bank

Summer renovation ideas that won't break the bank

15 February 2021
Summer renovation ideas that won't break the bank

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While the weather is starting to cool, it's never too late to renovate and get your entertaining spaces into shape.

Read on for some summer renovation ideas that will look amazing, are simple to do and best of all, won’t break the bank.

Invest in good lighting

The right lighting can bring so much ambience to a room so make sure you take the time to pick out beautiful lights. Pendant lights instantly add a bit of wow factor to a room and look amazing in the kitchen over the kitchen island.

You also want to make sure you’ve got as much natural lighting in your home as possible, so if your home is on the darker side you may want to think about installing skylights to bring in as much natural light as you can.

Bring the outdoors in with bifolds

Another way to achieve maximum natural light in your home is by installing bifold doors, or even replacing a solid door with a glass door or glass wall so as much light can flood in as possible.

Bifolds instantly achieve that indoor/outdoor connection which is what summer entertaining is all about.

Redecorate to make spaces look bigger

A mistake lots of people make when furnishing their home is choosing big bulky furniture that takes up lots of space. Invest in furniture that’s appropriately sized to fit the space and don’t be afraid to get rid of old furniture if it’s not suitable for the space anymore (particularly if you’ve moved into a new place and your old furniture is too big). For example, instead of having two couches buy a sectional sofa, or rather than a bulky TV unit consider something more streamlined. You would be amazed how much of a difference this can make.

Repaint the exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing people see so if the paint job is looking a bit worse for wear, repainting is an easy and cost-effective way to immediately make a big difference to the look and feel.

Outdoor lighting

Whether it’s wrapping fairy lights around a tree or adding some decorative lights like torches, the right outdoor lighting can make an enormous difference.

Add greenery

Plants immediately make any outdoor area about a thousand times better. It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is either: if you’ve only got a small balcony you can still go crazy with potted plants for those jungle vibes.

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