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Capable and fuel-efficient: Green off-road cars to look out for

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Best fuel-efficient SUV’s

When you think of an SUV for off-roading or just for driving around the city, you might think of them as gas-guzzling giants that burn through fuel faster than you can say ‘emissions’.

But don’t fret, there’s no need to buy a smart car in order to become more green - the reality now is there are plenty of SUVs and four-wheel drives that are fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly, allowing you to take your car off the beaten track while still saving on fuel and doing your part for the environment.

Here are, according to carsguide.com.au, the best fuel-efficient SUV’s on the market in Australia. These cars are in no particular order.

Mitsubishi Outlander

  • Price: $29,490

  • Fuel consumption: 2.4L/100km

The first car on our list is a car that regularly hovers around the top 10 most popular cars in Australia, the Mitsubishi Outlander. Starting from a low-ish price of around $29,000 (and going for less than $20,000 for older models), the Outlander has a strong fuel-efficiency of 2.4 Litres to every 100 kilometres.

Although the Outlander doesn’t have the fanciest exterior design or all the latest gadgets and ultra-smooth driving like some of the more expensive cars available, it does offer great value for a family vehicle as well as an outdoor one. It’s a highly practical car that will get you from A to B whether that’s in the heart of suburbia or the great outdoors, and it combines this practicality with strong fuel-efficiency.

mitsubishi outlander

Source: carsguide.com.au

Skoda Octavia

  • Price: from $24,890 (2020 model)

  • Fuel consumption: 5.5L/100km

Coming in at a modest $25,000 for a new model (and even less for older models), the Volkswagen-owned Skoda Octavia offers a good balance between power and fuel-efficiency.

This car scores highly on practicality, pricing and features, safety and driving ability, while the only significant drawback is the somewhat underwhelming appearance. If you like a sensible, practical and fuel-efficient SUV that’s both cheap and has the latest technology, you might consider the Octavia.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

  • Price: from $65,900 (2020 model)

  • Fuel consumption: 4.8L/100km

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is one of this article’s mid-price models. The current 2020 model starts from $65,900, while 2018 and 2019 models will set you back a reasonable $49,000.

Combining performance, looks and decent value, not to mention good fuel-efficiency at just under 5 Litres per 100km, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a sleek-looking option that could be suitable for both off-roading and suburban driving.

skoda octavia

Source: carsguide.com.au

Volvo XC90

  • Price: from $89,990 (2020 model)

  • Fuel consumption: 2.1L/100km

The final car on our list is the Volvo XC90. Although it’s the second most expensive car on this list at just under $90,000 (around $70,000 for older models), the XC90 possesses the strongest fuel-efficiency, at just 2.1 Litres per 100 kilometres.

The Volvo XC90 offers a combination of luxurious space, top of the line safety features, powerful combined engines (it also offers a hybrid design) and smooth handling, this car could represent excellent value for money if you’re looking for a more high-end fuel-efficient SUV.

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