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Tips for buying a car at sales time

Car sales are a great opportunity to buy, especially for first-time car buyers, as this can save them a lot of money with their car purchase. Buying a car during sales time can be a confusing experience because of the many great offerings from car dealers across Australia.

While it can be tempting to buy a car quickly during sales time, there are still some things you need to be careful about so you know you’re getting the most out of your car purchase. Here are a few tips for buying a car at sale time.

Do your research

Arriving at a car dealer without any knowledge of the car you’re looking to buy is a huge mistake. As we all know, it pays to do your research. Good thing we have the internet today where we can easily search car reviews, specs, features, and prices. So whether you are buying a brand new or a used car, this car buying advice will help you know what to expect from the car you’re buying.

Use a car loan calculator

A car loan calculator is a handy tool you can use to get a rough estimate of your car loan repayments. You’ll be able to budget your monthly expenses when you decide to take out a loan, and you’ll know if you can actually afford the repayments.

Get a pre-approval

If you’re getting a car loan to finance your car purchase, getting a pre-approval will help you narrow down your choices in terms of the price range. You’ll get an idea to how much you can spend on a car, and how much you can  borrow to purchase a car.

Shop around for a car loan

As with any other kind of purchase, it's important to shop around for your car loan instead of just taking the first offer. Often the best deals for a car loan are online so make sure you have researched car loans online before you visit any dealers. This will help you resist pressure to take the finance the dealer is offering if it's not good value. 

Know what you’re paying for

Be careful with the add-ons, and the terms and conditions on the sale by reading through the fine print of the sale contract. Consider everything that is involved in your car deal, like the types of insurance and credit contract as this can increase your repayments and the overall price of the car.

Final thoughts

EOFY is the best time to purchase your car at a discounted price as most car dealers try to sell as many cars as possible at this time to meet their yearly quota. Follow these car buying advice and tips you’ll end up with a great deal on your car purchase. 

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