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Top 10 most reliable car brands in Australia

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The top 10 most reliable car brands in Australia

No one wants to pay lots of money on frequent car repairs, and no one wants to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken vehicle. Reliability is an important thing that everyone should look for when purchasing a car in Australia to avoid extra costs and inconvenience.

The  top 10 most reliable car brands in Australia in 2017 according to choice.com.au.

In this survey, respondents who have bought a specific brand of cars and have used it in the last 4 years were selected.

  1. Mazda – Out of 187 respondents who bought a Mazda car in the last 4 years, 83 of them faced a problem with their cars.
  2. Honda – Around 49% of the respondents reported that they faced a problem with their Honda cars.
  3. Toyota – Out of 197 respondents, around 50 of them had an issue with their Toyota cars.
  4. Suzuki – There were 47 respondents for the Suzuki car brand, and 51% of them had a problem with the vehicle.
  5. Subaru – 59 respondents bought a Subaru car, and 53% of them experienced a problem with the car. 
  6. Kia – 31 out of 57 respondents who bought a Kia vehicle in the last 5 years reported a problem with their cars.
  7. Mitsubishi – Out of the 110 respondents, 55% of them faced a problem with their Mitsubishi.
  8. BMW – Surprisingly, BMW is not as reliable as we thought. According to 51 BMW owners, approximately 57% of them have experienced a problem with their BMW vehicles.
  9. Hyundai – There were 168 respondents who purchased a Hyundai vehicle, and 102 of them or 61% had a problem with their Hyundai cars.
  10. Nissan – Out of the 104 respondents, 61% of the Nissan owners experienced a problem with their vehicles.

Mazda clearly dominates the most reliable car brand in Australia. Common problems reported according to CHOICE were related to in-car technology, faulty batteries, electrical components, and car interiors.

CHOICE reported that 73% of new car owners in the past 5 years were covered by warranty, and majority of them had their issues solved. However, there are also a significant number of car owners who didn’t get any help at all, with women more likely to be denied a resolution to their problem.

Here are some of the things that you should consider when buying a new car, such as deciding on what type of financing you’d like to use (cash, car loan, or lease), taking the vehicle for more than one test-drive, and conducting lots of research before making the huge purchase.

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