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Case Study: Melissa

We sat down with Melissa, who lives in Tasmania, to discuss her experiences, challenges, and how she overcame them.


Home loan customer

Meet Melissa, one of our amazing customers, who refinanced with us to do a home care renovation.

Age: 52

Relationship status: Married

Annual household income: $170,000

Stage of the journey: Multiple Investment Properties, Owner Occupier Homeowner

Melissa Melissa

We sat down with Melissa, who lives in Tasmania, to discuss her experiences, challenges, and how she overcame them.


I sustained a back shoulder injury a few years ago. Now I live with the health risk it could get worse if I don’t maintain regular movement. I want to maintain my independence, so my husband and I decided to install a pool for regular exercise and my ongoing rehabilitation.

Over the years I’ve owned many investment properties, but I have never renovated. 18 months ago, when we started talks with loans.com.au about finance, we planned to build an indoor pool surrounded by a lounge, nested in a two-story building with mountain views. Instead, building material inflation made our original architectural plans unaffordable and council delays forced us to lose our first builder. Today our plans are much simpler. Our pool will go outside on a cement slab.


  • Our renovation plans constantly changed for many reasons, from material inflation to lengthy council approvals. This caused our financing needs to be in a constant state of flux
  • The whole renovation was a stressful challenge full of unforeseen surprises. Sticking to a renovation design, budget and timeline is incredibly tough
  • Interest rates started to rise, and continued to rise, during our renovation

“You guys have been the only stable force over the last 18 months during our renovations. Your help and advice kept me going.”


  • Despite the best laid plans, renovations can be unpredictable. Allow a good margin of error
  • Have as much detail in your plans as possible before approaching builders, down to even the brand and colour of every fixture, fitting and item to be installed
  • Speak with a few builders before signing a construction contract, then keep each builder updated while you work with council. Not only will you get the best price but have a way to stick to timings
  • Keep talking with your lender throughout the entire process, not just when deciding between variable and fixed mortgage rates, that way your finance will be ready when you are

How was your loans.com.au experience?

From helpful hints, like suggesting a fixed building contract, to always being accessible and providing fast turnaround, loans.com.au has been excellent all the way through. I never once struck anyone bad. You’re nothing like the big banks. In fact, everyone has been so helpful and friendly that I felt treated like family.

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