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7 finance podcasts that you should listen to

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Podcasts are the new age for talk-radio. They are a great alternative to pass the time while stuck in traffic or working out. If you’re interested in learning and improving your skills and knowledge when it comes to your finances, these seven finance podcasts can help you learn more and stay up to date with the financial news today.

Here are our seven favourite finance podcasts:


You may have heard of the best-selling book but Freakonomics first started as a radio podcasts. If you want to listen to something unconventional about the financial industry then Freakonomics Radio is a good place to start. Some fun topics they discuss are “Should kids pay their parents back for raising them?” and “Why the mattress industry is booming when people buy few mattresses in their lifetime.”

2. Everyday Property Investing

Interested in investing your money in property? Australia’s top property and investing podcast is perfect for beginners wanting to learn about property investment. This podcast can provide you with financial advice on how to get started in property investing and it also gives you updated news about the industry. Topics they discuss range from “Five big investing mistakes” to “How much should I pay for a property?”

3. Mo’ Money

Want to be in control of your personal finances? The Mo’ Money podcast is one of the top personal finance podcast out there. It can give you financial advice on how to save, budget, repay your debt, invest, and how to earn more. The topics are very interesting to a wide range of people. They cover topics like “How not to self-sabotage your finances” and “How to become a millionaire on an average salary.”

4. The Dave Ramsey Show

Is your goal to be debt free? Or do you find yourself struggling in repaying your loans? The Dave Ramsey podcast can teach you how to manage and budget your money, and how to live in financial peace by getting out of debt.  Managing your finances can reduce stress and provide you financial security in life. Some topics they discuss are “Can't Make Minimum Payments on Debts?” and "What Should I Do About My $300,000 Student Loan Debt?"

5. We Study Billionaires: The Investors Podcast

Ever got curious how a person becomes a millionaire? This podcast discusses how billionaires like Warren Buffet and Sir Richard Branson get to where they are today. Learn how billionaires live and how to become one by applying the habits and learning from the mistakes of popular billionaires. They cover billionaires like Michael Jackson and Paul Allen.

6. RealEstateTalk

RealEstateTalk is one of the best Australian real estate podcasts. Learn from the experts about how to manage your property investments, new strategies on how to become a successful investor, how to handle tenants, and much more. Topics range from “Vacancies and what it means to investors” and to “Tips on sound investing in Brisbane.”

7. The Property Couch

Another podcast about property investment, The Property Couch podcast is an interesting one because of the conversational approach and fun way of discussing investing in a property in Australia. The topics they explore are how to find the right investment property, the right loan for you, and strategies when bidding at a property auction.

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