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Aussie home buyer's guide to open house etiquette

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It’s very easy to see photographs and videos online of houses that are for sale but attending an open house is still the best way to get a real view of the property. You can walk into an open house property viewing without ringing the doorbell but there is still certain etiquette that needs to be followed given that you are entering a private residence.

Here is a homebuyer's guide to open house etiquette:

Ask permission first

Keep in mind that you are entering someone’s private residence. Before you take a photo or a video, or use the toilet it’s important ask permission first.

Don’t get too comfortable

That couch, or sofa may look comfortable to sit in but you are not buying a bed/sofa, you are buying a house. You should focus on the property instead.

Keep your criticism to yourself

It’s common that someone is still living in the open house. If you don’t like their home decorations, or you don’t like something around the house, there’s no need to broadcast your thoughts. If you got any questions, ask politely.

Respect the property

An open house is still a private property, that’s why it’s important to respect the wishes of the homeowner. If he/she asks to remove your shoes upon entering, please do so.

Don’t go snooping around

You can check out if there’s enough storage space in the closets, bathroom drawers, cupboards and cabinets but don’t go rummaging through their personal belongings. Your objective when inspecting a property should be to assess the house.

As a home buyer, it’s important to follow the right etiquette so it is a good experience for you and the seller.

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