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How to own a house before you're 30

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5 things you can do today to own a house before you’re 30

Nights out, Uber rides, coffees, holidays, and online shopping are just some of the guilty pleasures of our generation. If you aim to buy a house before you turn 30, it’s time to ditch them, and start saving money while you’re young.

Here are the top 5 things you can do today to own a house before you’re 30.

1. Maintain a high credit score

Having a poor credit score might get your loan application rejected when you apply for a mortgage. As much as possible you want to keep your credit score high. To do this, make sure to pay your bills on time, keep your balances low, and don’t take out new debts you can’t repay.  

2. Pack your lunch

Saving entails sacrifice. These include dining out, eating out, and buying expensive coffees. Bring your packed lunch to work instead. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save a month. Plus, it’s healthier than eating at fast food restaurants.

3. Get help from family or friends

To save money, ask a friend if he/she is willing to be your roommate. Splitting the bills and rent will help you save money for the deposit faster than paying for all the apartment expenses alone. Living at home with your parents can be another option. This way you’re living rent free.  

4.  Look into affordable housing options

Be realistic about what areas you can afford to buy a house. Do your research about up-and-coming neighbourhoods, because these locations are usually more affordable. Buying off the plan is another option. It can be cheaper than buying an established property.

5. Increase your deposit with FHOG

The First Home Owner Grant can help you to buy a home. FHOG is a grant that financially assists first time home buyers to purchase a house. You can visit your local government’s website to see if you qualify, and how much grant you are eligible for. The amount of FHOG will be based on the value of the property, the type of the property, and the location you're buying in. 

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