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11 June 2015 home lender of the year has scooped the pool at Mozo’s Experts Choice Awards to be named Home Lender of the Year 2015.

The pioneering online lender has taken out five of the six award categories, the sixth being reserved for the Big Four banks.

“We are thrilled to be named Home Lender of the Year after working hard since 2011 to bring competition to the home loan market in Australia,” said Managing Director, Marie Mortimer.

“In every category we have been shown to offer the best value to customers, which demonstrates that we are making good gains in breaking the stranglehold of banks and driving interest rates down.”

Mozo Experts Choice Awards assessed 390 home loan products from 81 providers, and awarded gold in every category except Big 4 Home Lender of the Year, a bank-only category. won Best Value Variable Home Loan, Best Value Variable Full Feature Home Loan, Best Value Variable First Home Loan, Best Value Fixed Home Loan, and Home Lender of the Year.

Ms Mortimer said the fact that the top award went to an online-only lender shows the level of sophistication the Australian home mortgage market had attained.

“Gone are the days when customers wanted to go into a branch to apply for their home loan,” she said. “Everyone knows there are better ways to spend their time than waiting in a bank queue and our customers are keen to manage their money online in their own time.”

No branch network overheads allowed to pass savings onto customers in the form of lower interest rates and fees.

“The online lending model is not only more convenient for customers, it’s cheaper,” Ms Mortimer said. “Our borrowers know they will save money and time with an online home loan and being named Home Lender of the Year shows us we are meeting their needs.”

The average customer is aged in their 30s, living in a greater metropolitan area, with a professional career and household income 30 percent above average.

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