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New MD keeps customers in front

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12 July 2011
New MD keeps customers in front today appointed experienced banking industry executive, Marie Mortimer, as Managing Director of the Company based in Brisbane, Queensland.

The Company officially launched its brand and product to the Australian market in June 2011, starting a new round of competition in the mortgage industry with an aggressive interest rate aimed at providing borrowers a real alternative to the major lenders.

Mrs Mortimer, aged 29 years, has built a career in operations and IT management within institutional and retail financial organisations.

The appointment signals's commitment to technological innovation and continuous improvement to ensure enhanced customer satisfaction.

Mrs Mortimer today re-affirmed the Company's position as a serious competitor to the major lenders, providing Australian borrowers with greater choice, lower rates and excellent features on their home loan.

"I am delighted by my appointment to the position and excited by the opportunity to make a real difference on the Australian mortgage market landscape," Mrs Mortimer said.

"The mortgage industry has had many challenges over recent years and survival of the fittest has really come into play," she said.

"Many non-bank lenders have disappeared or been consumed by the major lenders, leaving Australian borrowers with poorer choice.

I believe represents the new breed of alternative lenders in Australia.

We are not just delivering our product through a channel more Australians are using, online, we are providing them all the services and features they need at an interest rate that is seriously competitive.

I am concerned what the impact the recent trend of major banks trying to re-invent themselves to get market share will have on borrowers in the long term.

The major banks are spending big bucks on advertising campaigns saying they are different. They are, in fact, the same institutions; operating with the same drive to increase shareholder returns. The cost of trying to tell consumers they are different will inevitably be passed to their customers.

We are really passionate about looking after the customer. We believe that every action we take has an impact on the customer and we never lose sight of that.

With technology and price comparison websites, Australian mortgage borrowers have become a lot smarter and more aware than they use to be, which is very exciting.

By providing streamlined, online processes for our clients, we are working to ensure that they benefit by faster turn around times, good information and excellent customer service.

My focus is to make choosing and obtaining a home loan as straight forward as possible at a time when Australians are making one of the most important financial commitments of their life."

Marie Mortimer will replace Company founder, Mr Kim Cannon, in the position of Managing Director as Mr Cannon maintains his focus on his role as Managing Director of FirstMac Limited. remains part of the Cannon family group of companies.

Mr Cannon said that he is pleased that will continue to be guided by a managing director with a passion for IT innovation, a commitment to the customer and a dedication to the industry.

"Marie certainly holds these attributes and I have no doubt that under her guidance will deliver Australian mortgage borrowers a real alternative to the major lenders," Mr Cannon said.

"She has a great background combining experience in the lending industry with business analytics, property economics and personal finance. Together with her passion for customer service, I believe she will bring new solutions to Australian mortgage borrowers," he said.

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About is a leading online mortgage provider, proudly 100% Australian owned, and backed by one of Australia's largest financial services companies.

The Company sources funds through one of Australia's largest issuers of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS). Its funder has over 30 years experience offering home loans and has publicly issued over $9 billion in mortgage bonds since 2003. provides fully-featured mortgages with highly competitive rates to make it easier for people to own and invest in property and ensure Australian's have greater choice when selecting a lender.

About Mrs Marie Mortimer

Marie Mortimer is an experienced banking industry executive, having developed her career as a manager within institutional and retail financial organisations.

Marie has implemented and managed significant IT projects to support some of the largest global banking platforms, including The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in the United Kingdom. She has also been responsible for managing IT systems and resources at leading independent Australian mortgage provider, FirstMac.

Marie's qualifications include a bachelor of business, majoring in banking and finance and funds management extended major; a post graduate certificate in property economics; diplomas of financial planning 1 and 4 (superannuation and retirement planning); and certificates of business analysis and requirements engineering.

Personally, she has an interest in diving, travel, rugby union and league, cycling and competes in running events. Marie also maintains an interest in property investment projects.

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