Are you bad with money?

Are you a bargain hunter, or a self-entitled spender?
When it comes to bad money habits, comparison website said big spenders fell into one of those two categories.

Spokesperson Michelle Hutchison said bargain hunters liked the mentality of a discount, while the self-entitled felt good about spending the money they had earned.

The website compiled a list of 10 indications that you might be bad with money, and offered solutions to help people stop spending.

One idea was to pinpoint when you were most likely to spend and then schedule another activity during that time. Here are some indications that you might be a bad with money.

  1. Spending more money eating out than eating in.

  2.  You buy vouchers that expire before you use them.

  3. You buy the latest technology but hardly use it.

  4. You have new clothes that you have yet to wear, but you still go shopping.

  5. You can’t go shopping without buying something.



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