Putting the land in Queensland: Upcoming reforms

A government review is set to shake up the state land system in Queensland, with implications for 73 percent of holdings in the Sunshine State.

State land accounts for around 73 per cent of the Sunshine State's total land, with an upcoming review set to shake up the system, according to a June 10 government statement.

Local and regional development is set for a boost, which could have positive indirect effects for those with home mortgages in such areas. Better infrastructure often increases demand for properties in certain locations, which can boost properties' capital growth.

Government seeking feedback

"State land is important to Queensland families through its many and varied uses, so we need to consider how to best manage it to strengthen our state's economic future and meet the needs of a modern Queensland," said Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, Andrew Cripps.

On June 10 the government released a statement and discussion paper and it's hoped that Queensland residents will provide feedback and ideas to create a strong system for land management in years to come.

"Feedback from the community and other key groups will assist us in developing a new direction and simpler approach to how state land is managed and administered in Queensland," Mr Cripps said.

Four pillar economy

Mr Cripps has emphasised the importance of state land as it supports Queensland's four economic pillars of construction, agriculture, resources and tourism.

He also called the current legislation that governs state land "overly complex" and outdated.

Currently, state land includes leasehold land, community reserves, state forests, local roads and stock routes. It reaches a range of areas, from highly urbanised Queensland locales to grazing land in Western Australia.

The government has suggested three opportunities for land reform in the discussion paper, including providing more flexibility to local government with regards to decision making, streamlined state land administration and improving investment certainty for residential leaseholders and businesses.

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