12 Australian finance blogs to explore

Seeking a helping hand when it comes to finances is a practice many Australians choose to pursue. After all, it's all too easy to get caught up in a world of jargon and industry terms that don't really get down to the brass tacks.

If you're looking for advice that's a little more personal, no doubt you've come across the world of finance blogging. However, anyone with a laptop and a stable internet connection can become a blogger in this day and age, so who should you really listen to? Well, we aim to break that question down and assess some of the best.

Here are 12 Australian finance blogs for you to check out:

1. Savings.com.au

Savings.com.au hails itself as a new trusted source of financial advice. The blog is passionate about increasing the financial literacy of all Australians. It assembled practical information to help Australians young and old with saving tips and tools. Whether you are starting out or making a retirement plan, savings.com.au believe that it’s never too late to start saving money all you need is some help and some motivation. Keep an eye out for their new posts on "how to save" modules being added to the site regularly.

2. Kylie Ofiu

In her self-titled blog, Kylie Ofiu offers insight into everything from making money when starting at zero to advice on the nuances of tax law. Her expertise draws from many personal experiences, and she's even a published author in the finance space thanks to her book, "365 Ways to Make Money".

3. Jasonjots

Creator of Jasonjots Jason Wong aims to cut through the noise of financial advice, and strives keep his content simple. Topics can range from the dos and don'ts of buying a first home to learning from past financial mistakes. Mr Wong works as a Fund Manager, and has a long history in the finance world that he's looking to share.

4. Women In The Black

Women In The Black is an online community that aims to offer Australian women ways to save money. Founded by Tamia Gallego, the blog looks at everything from the financial balancing act of being a stay at home mum, to the virtues of a transparent credit history. Naturally, much of the financial advice is suitable for both genders, so men shouldn't be put off by the title!

5. Barefoot Investor

Scott Pape, creator of Barefoot Investor, cut his teeth on the Australian Stock Exchange. Unhappy with what he deemed a culture of advice being passed on by posers, he started his blog to offer simple, hassle-free insights. The blog covers everything from the hazards of dangerous spending to which credit cards are the most viable.

6. Money Morning

Money Morning is a personal finance blog which, again, is mainly centred on the world of investments and the Australian Stock Exchange. This blog differentiates itself from the competition by not shying away from the tough topics or points of contention.

7. Aussie Finance Blog

The Aussie Finance Blog gives a nuts-and-bolts view of personal money management, while also throwing in tips on ways to save money for good measure. Posts include home loans at a glance as well as those a little more nuanced, such as claiming for parental leave.

8. Frugal and Thriving

Frugal and Thriving is, essentially, a lifestyle blog covering many topics, but one of its main focusses under its Money Matters section is personal finance. As its title suggests, many of the articles on the blog are centred on doing more with less, and really maximising money to its full potential.

9. Simple Living Australia

Again, the focus here is on lifestyle, but Simple Living Australia provides some great insights into personal finances, too. The blog covers a lot of real world, day-to-day issues including everything from the process of securing the best finance against a vehicle to how to improve a credit score.

10. The Daily Reckoning Australia

The Daily Reckoning drills down into the Australian investment market, and aims to offer advice that goes above and beyond the norm. Rather than just reporting the news in the finance sector, the blog's mantra is to cover issues that are really worth paying attention to, and what they'll mean to the average Australian.

11. The Motley Fool

Despite the name, The Motley Fool aims to educate those looking for insights into the Australian Stock Exchange. While some of its content remains in a members only section, there's still a plethora of freely available articles offering easy-to-understand investment advice and ideas.

12. Lifehacker Australia

Lifehacker Australia has a huge amount of its website dedicated to personal finance. While its advice may not be quite as in-depth as some of its peers, the blog offers tips that will be relevant to anyone interested in saving money.


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