Gold Coast beachfront homes directly in new flight path

Gold Coast Airport’s long-awaited upgrade could mean a new flight path which would take planes directly over a stretch of the city’s exclusive beachfront suburbs, taking in Mermaid’s Beach, Miami and Burleigh.
The Federal Government is under pressure to fast-track the installation of an instrument landing system that would allows planes to land in bad weather rather than being diverted to Brisbane.  The new system could mean a new flight path directly over exclusive Gold Coast beachfront real estate.

Burleigh Councillor, Greg Betts, supported the new system but warned residents the new route could be a problem.
Mr. Betts said, “This system guides the planes in on a straight path that begins at Southport and takes a direct line over the beachside residential areas.”
“We will have a situation of flight paths that previously went over the ocean to avoid noise issues for residents, being diverted right over houses,” He said.
Calls for the new system have grown during the summer peak season when several planes were forced to divert due to treacherous conditions.  Gold Coast mayor,Tom Tate, has written to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese asking them to fast-track the system.
“As a major tourist destination and a city which continues to be affected by the downturn in the global economy, these events (diverting planes) only add to our domestic difficulties,” Tate said.

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