NBN connects 10,000 homes in Tasmania

About 10,000 homes in Tasmania are getting better internet links after connection to the National Broadband Network (NBN).
The first home was switched on this month in Launceston, along with about 20 wireless sites around the State.
The NBN rollout had been controversial due to the huge cost associated with connecting homes across Australia.
It was introduced by the former Labor federal government.
The NBN allows homes and businesses to get faster internet connection speeds.
Previously the fastest speeds were on broadband connections in major cities, or ADSL connections closest to the exchange.
It means that businesses in more regional areas could compete with CBD businesses more easily.
Over 6000 businesses, farms and homes in Launceston were covered by the roll-out.
As part of the rollout the old copper network would be replaced by fibre-optic cables to homes, which transfers information more quickly.
Source: http://www.soundingboardmag.com/10000-tasmanian-homes-connect-nbn/

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