What are some tips to help make the move simple

What are some tips to help make the move simple

After finding the perfect fixed home loan for you and your family, you'll no doubt be securing your own slice of property. This is often simultaneously the best and most stressful period of the entire process, due to the sheer amount of thinking and co-ordination that needs to go into moving your entire life from one location to another.

However, there are a number of tips that can be adopted into your moving day schedule in order to help facilitate the process and make the transition as smooth as possible. Taking the time to employ these tips will ensure your relocation goes off without a hitch, letting you get down to the serious business of living and creating a home in your new home.

Cut down on the clutter

Before you move is the perfect time to do a decent spring clean of your belongings. This doesn't mean keeping things that you might need in the near future, it means being ruthless and throwing out anything you haven't used in the last few years. Hoarding will become the bane of your life when moving because it means having to shuttle more boxes of junk from one place to another.

Simply take the opportunity while packing to be ruthless and throw away anything you don't need. Not only will this make the move easier, but you'll start your new life in your new home free of superfluous things that don't have any place in your life.

Clearly mark your boxes

Regardless of whether you're moving house yourself or hiring the help of professionals, there are certainly benefits to marking your boxes clearly. The clearest advantage of this is cutting down the amount of time spent unloading boxes at your new home only to find your kitchen appliances in the bedroom and food stuffs in the bathroom.

Having your belongings put in relatively the right place from the get-go will help you unload and create your own living space without having to worry about trekking through the house with appliances and taking them to the right place.

Change your address and phone numbers as soon as possible

There's nothing worse than receiving a previous owner's mail at your new home, except missing your own because you failed to change your mailing address!

Take care of this as soon as possible in order to ensure that anyone who needs to get in contact with you, can. Same goes for things like utilities, pet microchips, and animal collar identifiers. Updating the details to make sure any problems seen in the future can be solved quickly through correct communications channels is an essential thing to take care of when moving home.

Find something for the kids to do

If you have children participating in the move with you, it could be worth figuring out something to occupy them during the majority of the day. While moving boxes around, the last thing you need are little people bouncing around the new, empty property that is soon to be their home.

One thing could be to give them small jobs to do around the property. For example, they could spend time with the animals in a side room to keep them occupied while also looking after the pets during the transition. Or perhaps giving them garden tidying duties while you deal with the brunt of the indoor work could work well.

On the other hand, getting them out of the house for the day is another great option. If you have friends or family that could look after them for the day, you could focus all your energy on taking care of the task at hand without having to periodically worry about the children, making sure they are happy and safe.

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