Brilliant Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Brilliant Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

You can make a small kitchen look bigger than it is without giving it a major renovation. You just need to figure out how you can maximise the space you already have, while still maintaining the functionality and the style you like.

Here are some small kitchen ideas you can use to create an illusion of a bigger kitchen space.

Paint the walls white

Colour is an important aspect in creating a believable illusion. White is the best colour to make a small space look big, airy and inviting. You can paint your walls white, then use different shades of white for your cabinets and countertops so the room won’t look too bland. Then mix and match some other colours to spark some interest in your kitchen.

Add glass to your cabinet doors

Instead of the typical solid cabinet doors, switch to glass. Transparent cabinets can pull the eye past the frames, making the walls feel farther away. If you’re not comfortable with the clutter you see in your kitchen cabinets, you can opt for frosted glass so you only get a faint peek of your items.

Install floating shelves  

For an additional kitchen cabinet idea, consider replacing your closed cabinets with floating shelves. This can create the illusion of an even more spacious room. Just make sure to limit the things you put on the shelves to reduce the appearance of clutter.

Let in the light

Anything that is well-lit can enlarge a small space. If you don’t have enough windows to let natural light in to your small kitchen, you can add lamps. You can install lamps at the bottom of your cabinets so when lit they open up the kitchen, especially the countertops.  

Reduce clutter

A small kitchen will always look bigger if you reduce clutter. Keep your kitchen counter clean and clutter-free at all times so that it won’t look too busy. The more organised your kitchen is, the larger it will appear.

Opt for Light furnishings

Go for slim furniture such as open table legs, backless bar stools, and armless chairs to create more space in your kitchen. Going small in terms of your appliances is also a great kitchen idea. 

Use these small kitchen ideas to make your space look and feel bigger while making moving around in a tight kitchen space a lot easier. 

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